The day before, heavy rain hit the city.

traffic paralysis

with the life of a child with a high fever

Stuck on the Don Muang Tollway

Mother was determined to call an ambulance.

and blew the horn for help

Until the ambulance arrived. Coincidentally, Pol. Lt. Col. Thanawat Suksai, who rode a motorbike, led the convoy of "Sia Hank" Anucha Nakasai, Minister of the Prime Minister's Office.

Parked near the scene of the accident

Hurry down and help open the way for the ambulance first.

But the people in the ambulance

Shout and tell the police to help.

"Nong Shock has a seizure and has to go to the hospital urgently." The police decided on the radio to ask the driver of the minister for permission to lead him to the hospital.

"Minister Minister Hank" heard a radio communication.

Hurry up and tell him to take the younger to the hospital urgently. Personally, he can go by himself, with Pol. Lt. Col. Kittipoom Phaengbuddee, traffic police of the Royal Initiative Project.

Come help bring more ambulance.

The level of the first-class parade car that encounters flooding is very difficult to cross the road. Calculate the target hospital. Use a shortcut is the way to survive.

When brought to Paolo Hospital Chokchai 4, the police led the procession very relieved.

The doctor said, "You're safe, you're feeling better."

Complete sacrifice like this

Thumbs up!!!

Prameth Lekpet