Santa Dimopoulos

ran into criticism.

Yes, the artist walked the streets of Paris and decided to share her emotions.

The singer published a photo on Instagram and left a post under the photo in Russian.

"Paris is charming, fast, bright! I always want to be in time for everything. I want to come at least once a week and enjoy every moment, because here you can find inspiration at literally every corner," Santa shared.

Santa Dimopoulos / Photo:

However, not everyone liked the fact that the performer wrote a post in Russian.

In particular, Dimopoulos was reprimanded for this.

The singer's reaction was not long in coming.

Santa commented why she continues to communicate in Russian.

"I speak and write in three languages. Russian is faster, I also have many subscribers from different countries who know Russian. Please do not go to me or anyone else with a language issue. Take care of yourself and start with yourself, and the world will get better. Everyone has their own pace and I'll do as I see fit. I'm not 18 for you to make comments and I'm embarrassed," Santa snapped back.

We will remind you that Natalka Denysenko recently

shamed Ukrainians

who force their Russian-speaking fellow citizens to switch to the state language.

The celebrity believes that each person should come to this on their own.

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