Dozens of firefighters were sent today to put out flames in a city near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv that has been hit by multiple strikes that local officials say were carried out by Iranian-made "kamikaze drones," BTA reports.

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Six drones struck a building last night in Byla Tserkva, a town about 75 km south of the capital, Kyiv Oblast Governor Oleksiy Kuleba said.

Ukraine has reported a series of Russian attacks by Iranian Shahed-136 drones over the past three weeks, but the strike on Bila Tserkva is the closest to Kyiv so far.

A drone attack on Odessa claimed a victim

Iran denies supplying Russia with drones, and the Kremlin has not commented on the matter.

Ukrainian forces appear to have been caught off guard by these drones, which Kyiv says Moscow has been using on the battlefield since September.

In a televised statement today, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said the drones took off from the occupied territories in southern Ukraine, and six drones were shot down before reaching their targets.

"This is a new threat to all defense forces (of Ukraine) and we must use all available means to counter it," Ignat said, comparing the drones' small size to that of an artillery shell.

The attacks caused panic among residents of Bila Tserkva, who sought refuge after hearing air raid sirens wail, according to Reuters.

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