see the order of Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, the deputy police chief, has been delegated to Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Pol Gen Kitirath Phanpetch, deputy commander in charge of the administration.

Pol Gen Torsak Sukwimol, Deputy Commissioner of Police, is responsible for crime prevention and suppression work.

Pol Lt Gen Surachet Hakpan, deputy police chief, was in charge of the investigation.

Pol Gen Chinnapat Sarasin, deputy police chief, is responsible for legal and case work; Pol Gen Roy Ingkapairote, deputy police chief, is responsible for security and special affairs. Wisnu Prasartthong Osot, Sor.

considered quite suitable

The highlight is on the division of labor.

"Special Crime Center" policy of Pol Gen Damrongsak

Emphasis on solving drug epidemic problems and prevention of online crimes.

is the head of the Center for Suppression of Influencers and Hired Gunmen (Sor. Sor. Sor. Sor.) Narcotics Control Center (S.O.S.R.S.T.)

is the clarity of

Pol Gen Damrongsak has placed Pol Gen Chinnapat Lukmor, NCPO and former commander-in-chief of the NSO, who has expertise in narcotics, to drive an overview of important government policies and Sq.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Surachet

Head of the Center for the Suppression of Offenses Against Informal Debt (Sor.S.O.R.S.) Center for the Protection of Children, Women, Families and the Suppression of Trafficking in Persons (CSOs) continues its policy on solving human trafficking and human trafficking problems. illegal fishing

Looking at the big goal to change the status of illegal fishing in Thailand to be a "green flag"

suitable for the work

Pol Gen Wisnu, former commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Air Force, in charge of the Center for Combating Migrants and Immigration . Head of the Center for Suppression of Intellectual Property Violation (CDC) Center for Suppression and Suppression Administration (CDC) Center against illegal deforestation and natural resource deforestation .) Center for the Suppression of Car Theft (SQ.R.R.R.T.) Center for Prevention and Suppression of Racing in the Way (S.R.R.R.S.S.T.) Pol. Gen. Kittirat

Head of the Anti-Money Laundering Center (SAO) and

the Royal Thai Police Operations Center (SAO)

Police Lieutenant General Roy, who is burdened with security work

Responsible for the Anti-Fake News and Security Center (SRC), Traffic Management Center (SRC), receive important tasks, Head of the Information Technology Crime Suppression Center (SRC) to solve Problems fighting online crime

The main policy of the government and the police.

It is an interesting idea of ​​the police commissioner.

The commander-in-chief of the police showed their skills "Shin Waew" to the public and the police.

I saw the idea that the 14th police commander in 1 year who is suitable for the word "Pitak 1"

...But in the end, the people who actually benefited are the people.