Education Minister Pan Boon Chung is presenting a business report in the Legislative Yuan for consultation.

(Photo by reporter Yang Mianjie)

[Reporter Yang Mianjie/Taipei Report] Affected by the wave of teenage children, private schools are facing a threat to their survival. The Ministry of Education has recently listed 7 private colleges and universities as special counseling schools. Among them, Hechun Technical College was even ordered to close in May next year. Legislators are not only concerned about the rights and interests of students and teachers, but also further concerned about the situation of private high school vocational schools. An official from the Ministry of Education revealed in the Legislative Yuan's inquiry that there should be more than 20 schools at present.

Since the beginning of last month, the Ministry of Education has successively announced that 7 schools have been listed as special counseling schools. Among them, Datong Institute of Technology, Gaoyuan University of Science and Technology, Zhongzhou University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Capital University, Mingdao University, and Universal University of Science and Technology are all due to financial deterioration. It is limited to be improved by the end of May next year or the following year, while Hechun Institute of Technology decided at yesterday's meeting that it will be closed from May 10 next year.

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The Education and Culture Committee of the Legislative Yuan invited Minister of Education Pan Wenzhong to present a business report and prepare for inquiries. Kuomintang legislator Wan Meiling was concerned about the closure of Hechun Institute of Technology, subsequent placement of students, and the right to work for teachers, and asked the Ministry of Education to handle it carefully. propose a more specific way.

Pan Wenzhong pointed out when answering the inquiry that fresh graduates will ask the school to complete their credits before April next year, and they will graduate at the original school. After detailed and objective consideration, try to arrange suitable schools.

If the teacher is still willing to serve, he will try his best to be a matchmaker.

In addition to colleges and universities, Wan Meiling also expressed concern about the part of private high school vocational schools that may be classified as specialized auxiliary schools. When answering the inquiry, Peng Fuyuan, the director of state education, only said that they are currently under control, but there are still some procedures that need to be passed through. Relevant indicators are reviewed and identified, and the completion of the procedure will be reported to the outside world.

However, under Wan Meiling's continuous inquiries, Peng Fuyuan revealed that "there should be more than 20" and will be submitted to the exit deliberation meeting.