A patrol police car chased a man suspected of drunk driving, causing a 3-car crash.

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[Reporter Huang Xulei / Kaohsiung Report] A collision between a BMW car and a patrol police car occurred in Shanlin District, Kaohsiung City on the afternoon of the 1st of this month. Netizen Po Wen questioned that the BMW driving recorder was pulled out without consent; in this regard, the police emphasized that the first incident after the accident The injured were sent to the hospital for a while, and the images were temporarily detained according to law, and returned to the owner's client on the same day.

On the 1st of this month, the patrol car was at the intersection of Taiwan Line 29 and Shanxian Road Lane 24, chasing a man who was not wearing a helmet and who was suspected of drunk driving. Unexpectedly, it was hit by a BMW car when it exited the alley, and the car body spread to the opposite car, causing damage 3 cars crashed and 5 people including BMW Yan (37 years old) were sent to the hospital. Due to the intensive observation of Yan Nan's coma index 3, netizen Po Wen questioned the police forcibly pulling out the driving recorder.

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Hong Rongmin, director of the Qishan branch, said today that the Jiaotong University and the ambulance were notified immediately after the accident, and he immediately led the director of Jianguo to visit the wounded in the surgery room of Qishan Hospital, and gave daily telephone care.

Huang Guofeng, deputy director of the Qishan Police Branch, restored the past; Huang Guofeng said that after the accident, the police officer surnamed Huang got out of the car to check, and immediately notified the branch service command center by radio that someone was injured. In Shan and E-Da Hospital, it's not a netizen's post that regardless of the injured, look at the damage to the police car first.

Huang Guofeng said that according to Article 12 of the Road Traffic Accident Handling Measures, the police may temporarily detain the verification images for a period of no more than three months.

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The BMW rammed the police car, and netizens questioned the police forcibly pulling out the dash cam.

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