On the Eastern Front, the Ukrainian military took an operational pause to replenish reserves.

This was stated by the advisor of the President's Office Oleksiy Arestovych in a conversation with the Russian journalist and human rights defender Mark Feigin.

"This day is more or less calm, because, roughly speaking, we have now taken a break to replenish our reserves. And it will continue as well as it was," he assured.

According to the adviser of the OP, the occupiers managed to get hold of some borders and are also in an operational pause.

The invaders hope to quickly replenish the stockpiles of weapons, ammunition and personnel, "which will be much more difficult for them to do than for us."

"If we talk about the Russian public, then they say that the road from Svatovoy to Kreminnaya has been cut by Ukrainian forces. I do not know if this is so. Some Russian telegram channels are predicting the fall of Svatovoy. On Saturday, September 30, we said that before leaving it will be a long time before Svatov. Here we see conversations (about the possibility of Svatov's release. - Ed.)," said Arestovych.

Earlier, Oleksiy Arestovych commented on Kadyrov being awarded the rank of colonel general.

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