"Big Tu" came back, sat at the head of the cabinet table, thanked "Big Brother" for 38 days, but "Uncle Pom" fell sick and took a leave of absence.

claiming to enter the area

Not related to politics, "Jurin" held a knee to talk to the Prime Minister, asking to adjust the quota of the UDD quota


Boonyod", rushed to defeat "Advent" from the MPs, "Big Pok", a strong voice, the news was knocked out Noo, please don't think too much. MPs parade on Birthday "Ne Win"

to be embarrassed, not dreaming of the prime minister's chair.

"Jurin-Sia Tor" harmonizes the normal

MPs move the party before the election, "Chon Nan", the rating of the district in the south skyrocketed

mocking cobra dart

P.P.A. Examination is completely gone. "Heng" is full of work. P.C.R.C.S. can't talk all day.

The Election Commission of Thailand intensively tutors the iron rule for 180 days, aiming to ask the Election Commission to relax and help the people.

Political fans are keeping an eye on the back.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, returned to serve as chairman of the first cabinet meeting after the Constitutional Court ordered him to resume his duties, while Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan asked to leave the meeting, saying: have an illness

Fever from continuous wiring to the area

"Big Tu" comeback sitting at the head of the cabinet table

At 9:00 a.m. on October 5, at the meeting room 501, Command Building 1, Government House.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, chaired the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet), this was the first time that Command Building 1 was re-used after the coronavirus situation had eased and it was the first time that

General Prayut returned to chair the cabinet meeting after the Constitutional Court ruled that he would continue to serve as prime minister. Before the meeting, reporters asked about the schedule to visit Phetchabun province to follow up on flooding resolution on Oct. 6. General Prayut nodded in agreement.

Get the PDP to talk about adjusting the chair

after the meeting

General Prayut gave an interview about the atmosphere of the cabinet meeting that "good, still good as usual" while Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan has informed the cabinet meeting that he is not feeling well. sick of

General Prawit?

Gen. Prayut replied that

We'll go visit soon.

when asked with

Gen. Prawit did not have any quirks or not, but Gen. Prayut did not answer such questions.

When asked if there would be a cabinet reshuffle, Gen. Prayut replied:

Still nothing

Haven't done anything yet

When asked if he had spoken to Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the Democrat Party

Gen. Prayut replied, let's talk a little bit later.

"Uncle Pom" has a fever and asks to leave the meeting.

While General Kongcheep Tantravanich

A spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister said that Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan submitted sick leave and did not attend the cabinet meeting after having a mild fever.

Doctors have checked at the Forest Conservation Foundation in 5 provinces. There is nothing to worry about.

General Prawit called

Gen. Prayut already knew.

Expected from visiting several provinces consecutively, including Chainat, Sing Buri, Ang Thong and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

little rain

Miss Tipanan Sirichana, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, said Gen Prawit had a fever since October 4. Slightly sputum, ATK test, negative result. Expect rain during the visit. Doctors deemed it advisable to stay at home while on Oct. 6, Gen. Prawit is scheduled to go to the area to monitor the water situation at the Chulalongkorn floodgate and Semi-permanent Pratunam, Pak Khlong Rangsit, Pathum Thani Province

Thank you "Big Brother" for doing it for 38 days.

Reporters reported that

atmosphere at the meeting

The Cabinet is going smoothly.

General Prayut thanked

Gen. Prawit, who served for 38 days and thanked the Cabinet for working together for almost 4 years, the remaining time.

Let's work for the people and the nation

please come together

Congratulations to Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (TRC), for becoming the new leader of the Chart Thai Pattana Party (CDC), feeling grateful to everyone and all parties working together. together

We will continue to work together towards the next election.

The government now has to spend its budget to attract tourism boosts.

"Jurin" asks to adjust only the quota of the Democratic Party.

On the side of Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, leader of the Democrat Party.

He gave an interview before attending the Cabinet meeting that today he will discuss with the Prime Minister about adjusting the Cabinet because he has the authority in this matter.

As for the Democratic Party, requesting a person

On behalf of the party to act on behalf of Mr. Niphon Boonyamani, the former deputy interior minister who resigned, would like to discuss with the prime minister the idea of ​​adjusting

The previous cabinet in the Democratic section only

As for other parties, it's up to him.

No binding effect when asked whether the Democratic Party has considered the person who will hold office

Mr. Jurin replied that

according to the process of the party

no problem

Normally, the MPs move the party before the SEC.

The reporter asked about the case.

Member of the Democratic Party

to attend Mr. Newin Chidchob's birthday party. Mr. Jurin replied that

Anyone can attend the birthday party and that MP confirmed that he is still with the Democratic Party.

One thing that will be noted next.

As they follow the location

political situation for many eras that

when entering election mode

Many political parties would have to have both people in and out.

This is a normal political phenomenon before the election or during the election.

This is a normal political phenomenon.

"Boonyod" brushed off news, fined "Advent" from the Burma.

Boonyod Suktinthai, a working group of Mr. Juti Krairiksh, Minister of Social Development and Human Security (MD), said the news that the resignation of Juti Krairiksh is unlikely.

The party only made necessary adjustments at the confirmation of the party leader.

and the Executive Committee Member of the Party, Mr. Juti worked to help people across the country.

especially during the

Covid and flooding

Now, when asked again,

Why was Mr. Aduti being poached so many times by the minister's chair?

Mr. Boonyod replied that

This may be because there is a group of beneficiaries from the termination of private contracts with state enterprises under the supervision of the Ministry.

and the strictness of not allowing land use plots in self-establishing estates

Falling into the hands of a capitalist who had received a lot of benefits, was cut off, so he wanted Mr. Advent to retire.

"Big Pok", a strong voice, the news was kicked

General Anupong Paochinda, Minister of the Interior, spoke about the news about the cabinet reshuffle, especially the position.

Minister of the Interior near the election that this is called asking to be an issue.

It is up to the Prime Minister's consideration. Must ask the Prime Minister when asking if the election is near, must adjust the vacant seats or not.

Gen. Anupong said, "I think I have already cleared the answer that it was the prime minister's consideration."

Does the Ministry of Interior have no problem moving around?

Gen. Anupong declined to answer before leaving.

"Samrit" threatens to abandon the boat to abandon the National Democratic Party.

Mr. Samrit Thansap, a member of the Chaiyaphum Democratic Party, said the party's MPs who attended the party on Mr. Ne Win's birthday

If he didn't think he would go down with the Pride Thai Party, he wouldn't go.

But it's up to each person.

When asked if there was news that he would go to the Pride Thai Party

Mr. Samrit replied that

This time is still with

The Democratic Party will follow the party's policies until the last moment because Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the party's leader, is too good to the MPs, too much for us to make you uncomfortable.

But the point makes it uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

caused by some adults in the party who lacked generosity

The MPs who will help us continue to play politics in early December will resign from the party.

So that there are no problems and make everyone feel comfortable.

If such adults still have a role, it will be difficult for MPs to move anywhere and do anything.

As for whether to stay with Pride Thai or not, I can't answer yet.

"Xia Nu", don't think too much, arrange a birthday.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and

Minister of Public Health

Bhumjaithai Party Leader (Ph.T.) mentioned the case of 29 MPs from different parties attending the 64th birthday party, Mr. Nevin Chidchob, chairman of Buriram United Football Club that he came to wish Mr. Nevin's birthday every year.

no political significance

Journalists present themselves.

It's a tradition, don't think too much. When asked if Gen. Prawit called to tease or not after many people from Palang Pracharat MPs attended the event.

Mr. Anutin replied, "No, not joking" when asked if the MPs who attended the event corresponded to the news of the party's transfer.

Mr. Anutin replied that

Let's keep it up until the election season. Let's talk about MPs moving the party every time in the election.

Resolve embarrassment, still do not think about the Prime Minister's chair

When asked whether or not Mr. Ne Win announced the sweeping 120 seats, Mr. Anutin replied.

Usually, birthday parties only talk about good things.

Working is another matter.

How it works depends on what we do.

When asked if the number of 120 MPs is enough for the prime minister?

Mr. Anutin replied that

Haven't thought of anything yet.

When asked if the principal (Mr. Newin Chidchob) would like to see Mr. Anutin as prime minister

Mr. Anutin laughed and did not answer the question, while General Prawit, who was on sick leave, did not attend the cabinet meeting today, was worried.

I have heard a lot of traveling news, in the rain.

Gen Prawit is not sick of politics, is he?

Mr. Anutin replied that he was not an adult at this level.

"Xia Tor" threw "Nan" to explain the news herself.

Chalermchai Sri-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The secretary-general of the Democrat Party spoke about the case of Ms. Nan Boonthida Somchai, a Ubon Ratchathani MP.

Democratic Party

went to attend Mr. Newin Chidchob's birthday party that he had not yet met Ms. Nan Boonthida. When asked if it was a sign of moving the party or not

Mr. Chalermchai replied that

What would he say for himself?

When asked if he was not worried or not, if

The nation will bleed again.

Mr. Chalermchai replied that

Do the best, nothing more

Pol. Oh ratings in the south soar.

At SC Park Hotel, Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party

gave an interview about the placement of MP candidates that even though the party had announced the candidate

But if doing a primary vote does not get the trust of the people.

will be invited to discuss the work style

If the score is not good

The party reserves the right to consider a suitable person instead.

Currently, Pheu Thai Party popularity from direct surveys and polls

Trusted in every region

Even in the south, the popular vote has moved to double digits, 17-19 percent. In the past, the southern region was the weak point of the party.

But this time, I believe that people know and understand the political way better.

Open your heart to listen to all parties. Intend to send 58 districts. We have a specific southern area strategy.

Confident that serious intentions will better erase the insincere words to the southern brothers and sisters.

Pheu Thai family prepares to visit the area

Surat Thani Province

ridicule cobra

Prasert Chantaruangthong, Pheu Thai Party secretary, said he was not worried about the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

Be prepared all the time. Policy If dragged until March 2023, it may be good for Thai people too.

As for the Bhumjaithai Party's announcement that it will sweep 120 MPs, every party has to dream, but we are not careless.

The goal of land slides is not less than 250 seats.

Mr. Prasert replied that

Most of the people who moved out of Thailand in the past failed the exam.

People see no ideology.

I thought that the Cobra might even be disappointed.

and prepare to call

The MPs who attended the birthday party for Mr. Ne Win asked about the reason for attending the event.

did not appoint an examination committee

As far as I know, some people go to the event every year.

This is near the election is a delicate matter.

The party must be called to meet to understand.

"Heng" is full of work. I can't say it all.

Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor, director of the Palang Pracharath Party (PPC), spoke about the case of 8 NPP MPs attending the birthday party of Mr. Newin Chidchob that it was considered normal.

be friends

It's not a political issue.

In the past, I've been to Mr. Wan's birthday party, Yubamrung, Bangkok's Pheu Thai party, most of whom will stay or will be there for a while.

Today, I'm still in the National People's Democratic Republic, but sometimes we can't force anyone's life path.

Because he became a politician, became a member of the House of Representatives, he had his ideology.

let it be exclusive

When asked to talk to

Are these MPs?

Mr. Suchart replied that

When we talked, everyone confirmed that he was still with the National People's Democratic Republic, but the future was his privilege.

When asked if there was a current

MPs flow out because

The NPP is not a good trend, is it?

Mr. Suchart replied that

Not everyone's point of view is the same.

Maybe think for yourself or look at the media on the other side.

If you follow the work of the party

To write or speak today, we still can't speak. As for the case of Gen. Prawitt leaving the cabinet meeting, it may be because he has visited the area more than MPs.

"Big Pae" comes to add to the area that is not hard.

When asked whether or not to nominate all three prime ministerial candidates

Mr. Suchart replied that

There is no right or power to make decisions.

Asked about the role of Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda, former police chief, to the party, Mr Suchart replied that he had come to help the PNP in the unhealthy zone in the northeastern region.

but not related to other sectors

Because it is an area, whose area is it? When asked if Pol Gen Chakthip would be a candidate for Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Thailand or not, Mr. Suchart said.

Can't say it's about party resolutions.

It is very rude to speak alone.

And the party hasn't discussed it yet.

The Ministry of Education held a meeting to determine the fate of 3 options.

Mr. Boonsing Warinrak, Member of the List of Members

The registrar of the Thai Economic Party said that the party is preparing for a general meeting on October 10 at the Phayao Municipality Club in Phayao Province to restructure the party's executive committee.

Change the logo to prepare for the election.

When asked about the news, Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, party leader and some MPs will go to live with Pheu Thai.

Or may return to the National People's Democratic Republic, Mr. Boonsing replied that

The party also drives the work of each area.

The news flows to move the party to see if it's true or not. Accept that there are 3 ways, namely, the Thai Economic Party continues to drive.

back to the Pracharat Party

But many conditions must be considered.

important if still supporting

General Prayut, we probably won't be able to go back.

Because if you want to hold up as a candidate, the Prime Minister has only 68 months of work left, not a full semester, and will you go with the Pheu Thai Party or not?

need to talk

Please wait and see which way it comes out.

DA. Intensive tutoring of iron rules for 180 days

At 10:00 am, SC Park Hotel Pheu Thai Party (PA) organized a project to educate about election law and party policies.

After the Election Commission (Election Commission) issued the Election Commission rules on methods and prohibitions in campaigning for the election of MPs during the period of September 24, 2022-March 23, 2023, there was an MP. Member of the House of Representatives for the Legal Working Group

and party members joined Mr. Prasert Chantarawongthong, secretary-general of the PAD party, said that this project was to

MPs and party personnel

Have knowledge and understanding of the law

Election Rules

perform properly

prevent complaints

There are many things that are questionable, such as placing wreaths, fresh flowers, dried flowers, what can be done or not.

"Chonnan" worried about 224 dangerous days

Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, the leader of the PAD party, said that if the Prime Minister did not dissolve the House of Representatives

The Election Commission has set the latest election date on May 7, 2023, counting the time required to campaign under the regulations.

and a strict campaign ban from September 24, 2022, representing 224 days for a long time.

Does it affect the advantages and disadvantages of campaigning between political parties and candidates who are government and opposition parties?

Don't be afraid that you can't do anything.

The party has built confidence in the practice.

What can and cannot be done

admit to worrying more than others

fear of being slandered

Aiming to ask the Election Commission to loosen the rules to help the people.

Dr Chonnan said

The Election Commission's Strategic Working Group discussed the details of the 180-day steel rules of the Election Commission, which they thought there should be a way to relax the law, except or review the rules.

Election Commission in the event of a disaster

The House of Representatives initially offered assistance to the people, suggesting to the council to reduce it to 90 days, opening the way if there was a crisis such as flooding, various disasters.

to be fair to the prospective applicant

MPs and political parties

The party will send a proposal to the Election Commission to review and consider any legal channels that can be set up and order to assist the people in case of necessity.

Because now 56 provinces are suffering from severe flooding.

"Sereepisuth" threatens the Election Commission to be neutral

At the National Assembly, Pol Gen Sereepisut Temeiwes, the leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party

Chairman of the Commission on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct (NACC), the House of Representatives, said that the Election Commission's 180-day announcement is forcing candidates and political parties not to do anything.

Election Commission is not neutral

Issue announcements to take advantage of the opposition parties, such as candidates and the party don't give things to help people in flooding, fire, epidemic situations.

but instead favors the government, for example, on October 4, the Prime Minister visited the area

Ubon Ratchathani Province

use the position

Can use the royal money to take care of the people

But the opposition can't.

Asked whether to take advantage of the opposition or not, Mr. Sawang Boonmee, secretary-general of the Election Commission, said it was necessary to issue such an announcement under that law.

The content should not be like this.

ask for revision

in order not to cause advantages and disadvantages

If not resolved within 1 week, the matter will be presented to the meeting.

The NACC inspects and invites the Secretary-General of the Election Commission to clarify whether issuing the declaration honestly and fairly is lawful or not.

A step forward, bluffing "Du Transistor"

Mr. Pakornwut Udompipatsakul

The list of MPs from the Kao Klai Party (Kor Kor) spoke about the case of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister recommended to use transistor radios to listen to disaster alerts that

Transistor radios, invented 70 years ago, are one of the essential communication tools in times of severe disaster.

But is the current situation that serious?

If you ever watch a foreign movie when there is an earthquake, everyone's phone rings at the same time.

Many countries around the world have adopted a technology for data transmission called Cell Broadcast, which is a system for transmitting data directly from antennas to all mobile phones at the same time. It has been around for a long time and can be used, but 8 years ago,

General Prayut as Prime Minister

through disasters time and time again

Back then, there was never a Cell Broadcast system used to warn it.

Bangkok-Non-Paknam will stop APEC for 3 days.

Anucha Burapachaisri, a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, said that the cabinet approved November 16-18 as a special public holiday in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan provinces.

During the 29th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and related meetings

to alleviate traffic problems

and safeguarding the safety of APEC leaders

financial institutions

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) deems that the said period should be a normal business day.

but asking for cooperation from units that do not serve the people

or not a job that is important to the financial system

to work at home

or work from home

while state enterprises, the private sector and the Ministry of Labor

to consider as appropriate

Ms Traisulee Traisoranakul, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, said that the cabinet approved Mr. Teerapong.

Wong Sivawilas

Advisor to the Prime Minister for Government Affairs

to act on behalf of or to perform duties in the position of Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office

From the date of the Prime Minister's order onwards

and approved the appointment of Mr. Narut Thanyawong, Assistant Secretary-General of the Cabinet, as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Cabinet to replace the vacant position.

From the date of His Majesty the King onwards

"Tan" Chong, the PDP to help vulnerable groups

Ms. Jitphat Tan Kridakorn, Deputy Secretary General of the Democrat Party (PDP) and Vice-President of the Commission (CAT) of the Police, said that inequality in Thai society has escalated into a social problem. structural

Vulnerable populations such as the disabled, children, youth, the elderly, the homeless, even the inmates who have been released from prison

It's the most worrying group.

should be taken care of to improve the quality of life

In the past, during the Covid-19 epidemic, the economy was depressed.

Ordinary people become marginalized.

The middle class became the lower class, the income was not enough.

Fragile groups are repetitive poor people.

The poor across the region, the urban poor, the poor across the generations, the most important thing to make Thailand 4.0, not 0.4, is to push for policies to solve the quality of life of vulnerable groups in all dimensions.

He will present to the party

The PDP pushes for a policy to drive the national agenda.

Empowering vulnerable groups by learning in life contexts, not just in the school system

and from visiting the area of ​​the Royal Thai Police School

All over the country, it shows that if difficult children cannot travel to school, they must send teachers to teach them. Sick people go to hospitals in difficulty, requiring a doctor to have a family medicine doctor to take care of the elderly.

bedridden patient

We enter the era of mobile units.

It's been a long time in the digital age.

must create access opportunities for vulnerable groups

seriously urgently