Zeng Weihao (right) and Liu Xintong (left) were sentenced to eight years in prison each for the death of 74 people who beat criminal police officers in a nightclub in Taipei City.

(taken from Zeng Weihao's Facebook)

The initiator's couple got married and had two children at the second trial

[Reporter Zhang Wenchuan/Taipei Report] In September 2014, 74 people at the "SPARK" nightclub in Xinyi District, Taipei City shocked the society, beating criminal policeman Xue Zhenguo to death. After nearly eight years of litigation, the Supreme Court rejected the case yesterday. The last batch of defendants in the first instance, including Zeng Weihao, Liu Xintong and his wife, appealed. All the defendants in the whole case made a decision. Zeng Weihao and his wife, who were the initiators of the riot in the nightclub, were each sentenced to eight years in prison, and the other seven were each sentenced to seven to seven years in prison. In June of the tenth year, the court has notified the prosecution to activate the anti-escape mechanism.

The remaining seven accomplices were sentenced to six years for Ye Pincheng, eight years for Wang Sikai, six years for Fan Hao, six years for Zhang Jicheng, four months for Liu Hanyang, seven years for Wang Junjie, and seven years for Zhang Fusheng.

Prosecutors have charged a total of 74 people, and 65 people have already been convicted.

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The whole case was indicted on November 13, 2014. In May last year, the Supreme People's Court pronounced the verdict at the first instance. If the case is delayed on the 12th of next month, the "trial for more than eight years" stipulated in the Criminal Proper Trial Law will apply. commutation”, so the Supreme Court rushed to complete the sentence a month before the eighth year, without discounting the sentences of the nine people and exempting them from disputes.

Zeng Weihao and Liu Xintong got married during the second trial, and now have two children; their Facebook pages are not public, only friends can browse.

Zeng Weihao was sentenced to eight years in June in the first instance, and the sentence was commuted to ten years in the second instance. Liu Xintong was sentenced to nine years in both the first and second instance. The husband and wife reached a settlement of 6.5 million yuan with Xue Zhenguo's widow and paid compensation in installments. year.

On September 11, 2014, Zeng Weihao and Liu Xintong, who was still his girlfriend at the time, went to the "SPARK" nightclub for consumption. They had a dispute with the store's security staff. Afterwards, the two complained to Xiao Ruihong, a well-known hotel cadre, that Xiao passed the communication software. "Zhongshan Alliance", "Zhongshan Good Youth" and other groups contacted, and in the early morning of the next day, the crowd went to the nightclub lobby to provoke and provoke, and beat the security staff.

Xinyi Police Branch Investigator Zuo Xue Zhenguo, who was on vacation, was notified and rushed to the scene to deal with it, but was surrounded and beaten by everyone. Although someone shouted, "He's a policeman, stop beating." The pavement outside the store was beaten and kicked with red velvet posts, sticks or punches, and Xue died of serious injuries.

The previously determined thugs were each sentenced to 2 months to 13 years in prison. Xiao Ruihong and Xu Chunkai both received the heaviest 13-year sentence, Zhou Yuteng 12 years, Guo Shijun 11 years, and Yi Baohong, the son of artist Yi Shukuan. In the ninth year, Wan Shaocheng, the son of the gangster "the second generation of the black", was born in August of the eighth year.