The New Taipei City Government has created the "Wanjin Rhododendron" brand, decorating the flower art exhibition with lighting, and you can enjoy the beauty of azaleas at night.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

Extending tourist stays on the north coast and northeast corner to create economic benefits for rural fishing villages

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] New Taipei is having fun!

New Taipei City has a coastline of 145 kilometers and 28 fishing ports. In order to attract crowds and prolong the stay of tourists, the city government promotes the night economy of agricultural tourism and leisure, and has organized "North Sea Tide and Fire" and "North Coast Fashion". Activities such as Art Season, Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf Fireworks Show, and Night Rewards of Rhododendrons; Mayor Hou Youyi said that over the past three years, more than 10 million people have visited the north coast and northeast corner, promoting local consumption and creating rural and fishing villages. economic benefits.

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The night rewarding azaleas creates an output value of 400 million

Minister of Agriculture Li Min reported at the city council yesterday, "The Night Economy in the North Sea with Glittering Gold and Light." He pointed out that Wanli and Jinshan mainly produce rhododendron seedlings. In the past, they were mostly used for landscaping of road projects. Rhododendron" brand, together with international floral designers and Qingnong to arrange a flower art exhibition, with lighting decorations along the Ma Rong River in Wanli District, on display hundreds of species of azaleas, so that the beauty of azaleas continues from day to night, and the north coast has become a night tour. The new attractions attract people to stay and create a "night economy" output value of 400 million yuan.

"North Sea Tide and Fire" combines light and shadow with fire dance

In addition, Jinshan Zhongjiao Bay is a surfing paradise. Tourists usually leave until the evening. The city government held the "North Sea Tide and Fire" activity. Through the night light and shadow art combined with the fire dance performance of the international dance group, it inherited the unique "Fire Boy" of Jinshan. The fishing culture has driven business opportunities such as accommodation and accommodation in the surrounding area, attracting more than 500,000 visitors in the past three years.

North Coast fashion and art season boosts sales by 30%

Coco Li said that in order to increase the diversified utilization of space in Fuji Fishing Port in Shimen District, the "North Coast Fashion Art Season" was held, and design students were invited to hold a graduation achievement exhibition. The public's stereotype of fishing ports increases sales by 30% during the non-production season.

Fisherman's Wharf fireworks show attracts 8.25 million

Summer vacation is the peak tourist season for Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf. In September and October, the Fisherman's Wharf fireworks show and water dance sound and light performances will continue the tourist boom from summer to Mid-Autumn Festival or Double Ten consecutive holidays. Thousands of visits.

In addition, yam is grown in Ruifang, Shuangxi, Pingxi, Gongliao, Sanzhi and other areas, with an annual output of 600 tons. The taste is dense and soft, and it is suitable for nourishing ingredients in autumn. Now it is entering the rich season, the Agriculture Bureau and Fullon University The hotel cooperated to launch yam-limited dishes, and planned one-day tours and two-day light trips with travel operators to experience the fun of picking yam.

Mayor Hou Youyi and famous chef Aji Shi jointly promoted the delicious taste of yam yesterday, calling on the public to support local agricultural products, revitalize the national tourism, and promote the vigorous development of the industry.

New Taipei City Shimen Fuji Fishing Port held the North Coast Fashion Art Season and invited design students to hold a graduation achievement exhibition.

(Provided by Agriculture Bureau)

The Agriculture Bureau of New Taipei City promotes the night economy and organizes the "North Sea Tide and Fire" event, which combines fire dance performances by international dance troupes to create tourism benefits.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

The New Taipei City Bureau of Agriculture promotes the night economy and holds fireworks at Fisherman's Wharf to extend the tourist crowd from summer to autumn.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)