You Xikun said that for the first time this year, the national anthem was jointly sung by Taipei, Matsu and Kaohsiung, showing the unity of our country.

(Photo by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Huang Jingao/Taipei Report] The National Day Preparatory Committee held a press conference this morning, chaired by You Xikun, Chairman of the National Day Preparatory Committee and President of the Legislative Yuan, and invited Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Li Xianming, who hosted the National Day Gala, and Chiayi County Mayor Weng Zhangliang, who hosted the National Day fireworks. Attended with deputy county magistrate Liu Peidong.

You Xikun said that this year's National Day adopts a more lively and open management model than the past two years, and invites Chinese people to go outdoors for three consecutive days. He hopes that the National Day Conference will be an event full of vitality, consensus building, and economic revitalization, and this year's national anthem for the first time Taipei, Matsu, and Kaohsiung sing together by connecting together, showing the unity of our country.

<National Day Gala>

The National Day Gala "Defend the Country, You and I Walk Together" is expected to start at 5:30 pm on October 9 and end at 21:30. It will be held at the Taoyuan Sunshine Theater. The Longtan Philharmonic Orchestra will perform "A Hundred Flowers Bloom in the Taoyuan Garden" ”, “Cultural Gathering to Defend Homeland” performed by Yuanlin Art Dance Group, “Overseas Chinese See Homeland Speak Internationally” sung by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee Global Overseas Chinese School Students and Overseas Chinese Singing Competition Champion, with Chen Meifeng, Chen Fangyu, Schumien, Huang Yuhan , Wang Caihua, Xu Fukai, Jiu Yiyi and other well-known singers participated in the performance.

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Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Li Xianming attended the press conference on behalf of Mayor Zheng Wencan, and said that this year's venue was specially selected to be the Sunshine Theater near the airport. It is expected that the public will be free to enter from 16:30 on October 9th. Traffic control is in place, and the theater is close to the Taoyuan Airport MRT A17 pilot terminal, urging the public to take the airport MRT or shuttle bus to the event venue.

<National Day Conference>

The National Day Conference will be held in the square in front of the Presidential Palace on the morning of October 10.

The "Prelude Warm-up" was kicked off by the Chairman's Orchestra and the Malan Singing Team, followed by the National Army United Band and the Military Ceremony, the Golden Lion Array of Xing'an Palace in Annan District, Tainan City, the Golden Lion Array of Guangci Palace in Xigang District, and the seven The joint martial arts performance group formed by the White Crane Array of Bao'an Palace in the Stock District, and the Musical Flag Team of Taipei No. 1 Girls' Senior High School brought a series of wonderful performances.

In line with the theme of this year's National Day, the "National Day Conference" will be attended by 7 representatives of the National Army and the Coast Guard, and the Matsu Four Townships and Five Islands Children's Choir to perform the national anthem. The Tajiang ship in the military port was connected live, and the scene of the local gentry and the resident officers and soldiers singing the national anthem was played simultaneously at the conference.

In addition, the National Army CH-47SD Chinook transport helicopter will also hang a huge national flag, guided and followed by two UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, slowly passing over the square in front of the Presidential Palace, with the national flag flying in the air, Brighten up the national celebration.

The final "theme performance" will be performed by the Wind Music Club of Kyoto Tachibana High School, Japan, with the theme of "The 60th Anniversary of Taiwan-Japan Friendship Always Full of Vitality! Full of Smiles! Full of Dreams!" The Taiwan Street Dance Culture Promotion Association will perform with the theme of "Jump out The theme of "Unity and Dance to New Vision" will be performed together with the Xiaoming Girls' Chinese Orchestra. Finally, the AT-3 trainer formation of the Air Force Thunder Tiger Team will fly over the viewing platform in the formation of geese, marking the end of the National Day Congress.

<National Day Fireworks>

The National Day Fireworks Gala held in Chiayi County is expected to start at 7:30 p.m. on October 10. At 8 p.m. that night, the National Day fireworks will be launched in the open space owned by Taiwan Sugar outside the Palace Museum’s South Courtyard. The total number of fireworks will be 26,550 rounds. Viewers can enjoy the view from the south courtyard of the Forbidden City, combining the scenery of the south courtyard of the Forbidden City with fireworks.

This year's National Day fireworks show will combine water dances, drones, light sculptures, and live performances by the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra. Chiayi County Mayor Weng Zhangliang said that this year's National Day fireworks show will last about 45 minutes. Four episodes: "Walking Together", "Agricultural and Industrial Chiayi Piloting Takeoff", "Believe in Freedom to Advance Bravely", and "Crossing Out of the Clouds and Sky World Concentricity" will perform Sunrise Chiayi "Sunrise at Alishan", "Watching the Rain in April", "I Believe" ", "You are my flower" and other classic songs.

Weng Zhangliang also pointed out that this year, from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on the 10th, a National Day Fireworks Market will be planned next to "Prince Avenue" and "South Transfer Station". There are a total of 400 stalls including , Qingchuang, souvenirs and food, so that the public can welcome the National Day, watch fireworks and enjoy food at the same time.