Mobilized citizens of the Russian Federation refuse to fight, referring to the "terrible" attitude of their "officers" and the conditions of their stay during the service.

This is reported by the Telegram channel "Armed Forces of Ukraine. War with the occupiers".

The riot was organized by those mobilized from the capital of the Russian Federation.

They were sent to serve in the Taman division without being officially registered.

A video appeared on the Internet where the mobilized people complain about the brutal conditions.

They say that they were thrown directly into the forest and they were forced to dig dugouts, where they spent the night.

Also, the so-called soldiers complained that they did not have a medical commission, they buy food themselves, and are sent to the front with weapons written off.

We will remind you that the Ukrainian military, liberating cities and villages, reached Luhansk region after their successes in Kharkiv and Kherson regions.

Thus, on October 5, it became officially known about the de-occupation of six settlements of the Luhansk Region.

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