Thousands of people in different cities

united kingdom

came out to protest the case of expensive food

Eastbourne, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Norwich, mostly British originals, protested against rising electricity bills.

In London, measures were taken by protesters.

Appointments do not pay for water and electricity bills. Initially, there were more than 300,000 British people signing up to call for the dissolution of the House of Commons and to hold new elections.

Because this government is very messed up.

I'll dismiss the prime minister and then appoint a new prime minister.

Thinking about the events in our home, we have the same characteristics, but Thai people love peace more.

and the state mechanism is stronger than the people's sector

So the government didn't go down at all.

The Thai baht has already weakened past 38 baht per dollar. It is thought that if it touches 40 baht per dollar.

What to do, must think beforehand

The Bank of Thailand is still stagnant and has no measures taken.

It's good that other currencies have also weakened, such as the British pound from 46.3099 to 41.5538, the euro from 39.9381 to 37.2364, and the Japanese yen from 30.7525 to 26.7493 compared to the same period last year.

An optimistic person would say

to attract tourists

which must look at other factors such as the cost of living

Other incentives such as Vietnam's Dong appreciation.

But when comparing the costs

Traveling in Vietnam can cost as little as ten thousand dollars and can last for several days.

Whether our house has an advantage at all, it's not right.

Another factor that cannot be overlooked is

currency war

By looking at the Chinese government orders to Chinese government financial institutions both at home and abroad.

Sell ​​the dollar big and buy the yuan as much as possible.

Claims to stabilize the yuan.

to be balanced

But we must not forget that

we collect dollars

Tie a basket of money to the dollar as much as possible.

Absolutely no one kept the RMB money.

What will happen to the currency in the future remains unanswered.

We have to buy fuel, we have to buy gas for use primarily from abroad. We compare the dollar per barrel of energy trading.

If you import a lot, you have to pay a lot.

Nearly 200 billion in energy funds, negative means debt.

How many will affect the bounce again?

Russia now trades the most gas to Europe.

No Euros or Dollars

But asking for gas in Russian currency, the weak currency war gradually aggravated the world economy.

Must keep an eye on the Russian-Ukrainian war that is still not closed

It must be admitted that Ukraine suffered huge losses.

Because agricultural crops, animal feed, oil and gas used to be important export products.

He's paralyzed in half.

But Russia has lost more, both troops and resources, equipment, huge budgets used in this battle.

The further loss is the confidence from both inside and outside the country.

Russians flee the country for fear of being drafted into the military.

Until Finland had to close its borders because there were so many Russians fleeing that it was unbearable.

Russia announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions with Russia.

It doesn't mean to win the war with the last card left.

A nuclear war that is not yet known to be

world war or not.

Iron fist