The authorities have been warning since spring that this heating season could become the most difficult in the entire history of independence.

Ukrainians took this call seriously and the first thing they did was to buy electric heaters, TSN reports.  

"The demand for electric heaters in the network has increased by more than 50 times compared to a normal year. The peak of sales starts from June, that is, when the temperature is +32 and the main product of the group of companies is an oil heater and a fan," says Yaroslav, deputy head of the retail network department Panchuk

But whether the power grid can withstand the load is another question.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of power lines, substations, supports under the sights of the Russians, and recently the damage has become more frequent.

Electricity is the engine of the Ukrainian economy.

It starts up equipment at factories, powers city transport, and provides light in apartments.

In order for water to appear in our faucets, current is also needed.

Its sudden disappearance, even for a few days, can turn into a humanitarian disaster, especially in megacities.

"Ukrenergo" understands this, and that is why they are also preparing for winter challenges.

"We don't have such a luxury - to be afraid. We have much more valuable - this is experience. The experience of those people who literally in a month restored power supply to the de-occupied territories of the north of Ukraine. We have 40 repair crews that are ready 24/7 to restore energy supply to Ukrainians" , - says Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, chairman of the board of "UKRENERGO".

But while the lines are being repaired, those who have already lived without electricity and communication are giving advice to the townspeople.

Take a closer look at power banks, flashlights and candles.

And equip the apartment in case there is no heating - with a closed tent that will help accumulate heat, and even better with a high-quality sleeping bag.

Canned food and gas vodka will not be superfluous.

Mostly all boiler houses of our country work on gas.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal reported the other day that the reserves have actually been formed.

There are almost 14 billion cubic meters of gas in underground storages, 19 were stored last year - it should be enough.

However, the biggest threat is direct damage to the gas transport system and stoppage of transit. 

"It is worth noting that work in the reverse mode does not necessarily mean that gas will be imported into Ukraine from some other territories. First of all, we are talking about the actual flow, physical gas, which used to go from east to west, and now vice versa - from storage facilities to consumers in the east. If there is no strategic destruction of the system, but I have optimistic reservations that we will get through this winter, although it will be more difficult than before," says the director of interaction with state bodies of the "Operator GTS of Ukraine" LLC Olga Belkova.

Winter in cities with millions, such as Dnipro, Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, under the threat of rocket attacks, will pass relatively normally, at least if the light goes out, it will be for half a day at most, suggests the director of the energy research center Oleksandr Kharchenko.

You should not rely on heating in the frontline cities.

They will not start the heating in Donetsk region, they are gathering in Zaporizhzhia, but they are preparing alternative fuels to gas just in case.

"A tip for anyone who has a house of any kind. A house in the country, a house in the city, prepare it. Make sure you have heating, in an ideal world buy a generator. If you're in an apartment building and you know that you have one boiler house and it may be destroyed, prepare for evacuation," Kharchenko says.

Currently, the country is 90% ready for the heating season.

In those regions where it is possible, the heat in the batteries will appear on time - on October 15 (the date is approximate and depends on the weather).

However, the temperature in the houses will not exceed 20 degrees.

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