The Thai stock index on 5 Oct. 65 closed at 1,580.27 points, plus 2.27 (+0.14%) points, with a trading value of 59,395.03 million baht. Foreigners bought a net of 226.36 million baht.

Highest trading value GULF closes 50 baht minus 1 baht, PTT closes 34.50 baht unchanged, PTTEP closes 168 baht plus 3 baht, KBANK closes 142 baht minus 0.50 baht, ADVANC closes 190 baht minus 3 baht.

Yuanta Securities (Thailand) indicated that the baht appreciated against the USD, most recently at 37.3 baht/USD after Thai inflation in September came out better than expected.

reflecting past the peak of the inflation situation in the country

Therefore, it is expected that foreign capital flows have the opportunity to accumulate in the Thai stock market again. Featured stocks are banking and retail. Recommended BBL, SCB, BJC, CRC, CPALL!!

While Asia Plus Securities indicated that the general consumer price index (CPI) in September 65 rose 6.41% YoY (below the market expectation at 6.6%) and decreased 7.86% from the previous month and resulted in the rate of Headline inflation for the first nine months of this year (Jan.-Sept.) was at 6.17%.

Inflation in September 65 slowed down in line with the global energy situation.

But Core CPI remained stable at a high 3.12% YoY, mainly due to the rise in the price of cooking gas, electricity, fresh vegetables, etc.

Asia Plus Research Department assesses Thai inflation that has a chance to pass the peak... both from the gradual opening of the country.

The minimum wage increase in two years averaged 5% in October 65, an increase in the government's capital expenditure budget.

Help support the growth of the Thai economy better.

Compared to the US dollar during the peak period, July 65 declined for the first time to 8.5% yoy from 9.1% yoy that day, the S&P 500 was up 2.19%, while five days after the announcement was up 4.4%. outstanding stocks

Most of them are retail travel stocks.

In this regard, Asia Plus recommends outstanding stocks for slow inflation, namely retail-consumption HMPRO CRC CPN, tourism CENTEL AOT ERW, food OSP CBG, ICT ADVANC and JMT loans!!

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