Queuing for any financial transaction

If you have to wait with no other choice, be patient.

Whether queuing in a bank or queuing at an ATM, the longer the queue, the longer you have to wait.

Anyone who is in a hurry may be annoyed, they must be calm.

But if you encounter a situation in the clip that has become famous in the online world

Many people would smoke out of their ears!

The clip states that

The incident took place in front of an ATM at a small bank in England, where people were queuing to withdraw their money at a waiting-for-waiting machine, as a "person" dressed in a robe stood in front of the ATM, unable to do transactions. never finished

After waiting patiently for a long time

People queuing were surprised that

Why didn't you finish withdrawing the money?

And standing still, not moving

At last, one of the men in the line couldn't stand it.

Decided to walk around and see and find out why Khun Na Du didn't move at all.

Then the truth appeared

when he found that the person standing was

"Puppet mannequin", which I don't know who used to prank each other.

It's good that people queuing won't be in a hurry.

Laughing all over the line

But really any obstruction of public service.

It's not right to do it and in some cases it's illegal.

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