The elderly man looked exhausted, he left the house in search of food, but fell in the mud near the well.

He was saved by Ukrainian defenders. 

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, wrote about this on Twitter. 

"Our defenders found this 82-year-old grandfather near shell craters in a front-line town. He had not eaten for several weeks and went to the post office to look for food, and it has been closed for 3 months. The grandfather was so weak and hungry that he collapsed," Gerashchenko wrote. . 

The video shows how Ukrainian defenders approach the grandfather, who is lying in the mud in the middle of the street.

They ask him what happened and help him up.

Such warriors brought grandfather home.

The man said that he was forced to go through the second war in his life. 

"God forbid such a thing to happen to anyone," says the elderly man. 

Our Defenders found this 82-year-old grandfather near shell craters in a town on the front lines.

He hasn't eaten properly for several weeks and walked to the post office looking for food - it's been closed for 3 months.

Grandpa was so weak and hungry he fell.

: Ukrainian Militant

— Anton Gerashchenko (@Gerashchenko_en) October 5, 2022

It will be recalled that a Russian missile killed four people

in  Dnipro.

 The occupiers shelled the private sector of the Dnipro.

The whole family died at the scene of the tragedy - a grandmother, a woman and two children.

Only the 12-year-old dog Kryma, who howled in the ruins of his home, managed to escape.

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