[Central News Agency] Former North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen pointed out in an interview that if the West makes concessions to Russian President Vladimir Putin's nuclear blackmail, it will lead to China's aggression against Taiwan.

Fox News reported that Rasmussen said in an interview that Putin's veiled threat to use nuclear weapons during the Ukrainian war would send a signal to China if Western countries give in to the Kremlin. Invading Taiwan is feasible.

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Rasmussen warned in an interview on Fox News' America Reports that the West should not respond weakly or condescendingly to Putin's suggestion that his use of nuclear weapons was not a "bluff."

In addition, he also alleged that the West should take Putin's veiled threats seriously and that Putin knew that any abrupt attack could lead to a massive counterattack in his country.

"We should never give in to nuclear blackmail, and if we give in to Putin just because he threatens to use nuclear weapons, it will send a very dangerous signal to dictators around the world," Rasmussen said. "

He also said that the Chinese Communist Party is closely watching the war in Ukraine, and once the Chinese Communist Party is not afraid of a strong response from the West, the Chinese Communist Party will likely invade Taiwan.

Rasmussen also pointed out: "They (the CCP) will see the concession to Putin as an invitation to attack Taiwan." 1111006