The word cross was often heard in Australia as 'cross', 'cross' or 'cross', but in Australia it means 'angry' or 'annoyed'. For example, We didn't cross you.

The phrase cross as two sticks is sometimes used to refer to 'angry' as well, like two sticks crossed in a cross.

Tatiana suggested me to open a noodle shop in Moscow. I said It never crossed my mind. It (the idea of ​​opening a noodle shop in Moscow) never happened in my head. The phrase cross. mind or cross one's mind means 'happened to...' and the phrase cross t's and dot i's or cross one's t's and dot one's i's means 'to pay attention to small details, picky'.

Robert is a risk-taker, reckless, likes to drive big bikes left and right.

His wife, Betty, warned him many times and did not listen.

One day the car crashed into the semis.

Robert became a quadriplegic, hemiplegia.

A burden in Betty's life, Robert's become a heavy cross for Betty to bear since he became a quadriplegic.

The phrase cross to bear means 'a burden of life'.

Fall down on + the job means 'failed to do that job'.

Someone reported to the president that a 3 meter long king cobra was spreading the hood in front of the office.

The chairman calls the manager to put the king cobra in a bag and threaten if you fall down on this job you'll get the sack.

You will be fired.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai