@Chatsiri Sophonpanich, Director General of Bangkok Bank, presented the winner

"Chomnad Award Project" for Sasiwimon Nonthee Suradejchamongkol, with Dr. Thawilap Rittapirom, Naowarat Pongphaiboon and Arunocha Phanuphan also attended the ceremony.

at Bangkok Bank, Head Office, Silom, the day before.@

Thairath newspaper...the most sold newspaper in the country...daily issue for Thursday, October 6, 2022

  • Flood situation across the country

    Not even in Bangkok, causing the villagers who have suffered severe disasters...

    To Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister in his capacity

    Nationwide water management will confirm that although the amount of water this year is more than last year

    2011...a great flood...but

    The government can cope

    Guarantee the quality that there will be no major flooding for sure... "Lek Eagle" sees that the matter of nature is not careless...rain falls in Bangkok on 3 Oct. last.

    It's an important lesson...the government and Bangkok can't overcome natural disasters.

    Of course...and welcoming the return of

    General Prayut Chan-o-cha in the role of the country's leader and the solution to the flood situation...

    Not just visiting the area

    See how to fix the flood problem and hear from

    Government officials on one side... not just recommending villagers to prepare.

    transistor radio

    to listen to news in an emergency...or order

    Do not put a welcome sign

    During the visit...

    which that part is just a sauce that may be blamed

    It creates an image...but as a government that is ready in terms of manpower

    from the army... and ready to

    budget approval

    Solve the problem of the country's water system to drain the water ... without the need for the military to come out to clarify the need for

    Buy 3 submarines, although there is still no consensus on which engine to use, ask for an empty submarine first, according to Adm. Choengchai Chomchoengphat, the new commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Air Force. Gone... during the time when people are suffering from

    flood situation

    bloodshot eyes

    Governments should prioritize mission priorities, what should and should not...and this should not be taken.

    People's suffering has become a political game... According to Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party and the opposition, asked the Election Commission to review the 180-day ironclad rule to allow MPs from all parties to visit the area to help the people. who are in urgent need...help each other's hands...

    will get more points from the villagers than tang kac

    Take advantage and disadvantage on the hardships of the black-eyed people

Mass ceremony Surat Umpuj and Supalak Umpuj presided over the mass ceremony and recital ceremony for the deceased Piti Sithi-Amnuai, chairman of the Election Commission of Bangkok Bank, with Chatsiri Sophonpanich, Boonkiat Chokwatana and Pichet Sithi-Amnuai in attendance. in the ceremony too

At the Redeemer Church, Soi Ruamrudee, the day before.

Proudly Chartsiri Sophonpanich, Director General of Bangkok Bank, presented the winner

"Chomnad Award Project" for Sasiwimon Nonthee Suradejchamongkol, with Dr. Thawilap Rittapirom, Naowarat Pongphaiboon and Arunocha Phanuphan also attended the ceremony.

at Bangkok Bank, Head Office, Silom, the day before.

  • Savage pigs are still rampant. The Department of Livestock Development recently seriously destroyed the smuggling process of illegal pigs, most recently caught in Songkhla province for 12 tons of slaughtered pork, relying on the stroke of ASF in swine, causing more than 40 percent of Thai pigs to disappear from the market. and from economic factors

    The plague and the Russian-Ukrainian war increased the cost of raising pigs.

    The price of pork in the market is more expensive .... Savage pork movement

    using a method of falsification

    that it is seafood

    some animal food

    Smuggled pigs into the country and distributed in various cold rooms.

    There are sales announcements through various channels, especially online channels.

    At the price of 135-140 baht per kilogram, while the Thai pork in the market is about 200 baht per kilogram...it's a chance that the swarm of wild pigs come in and sell well...even though

    not pass safety measures

    from various epidemics

    Including contamination that will cause epidemic in pigs and be dangerous to consumers...

    Therefore, the public must inspect the product.

    with the logo "Ok Livestock" before buying it for consumption...especially

    Government agencies involved in importing goods from abroad

    Must help as eyes and ears and the government must have a serious policy to deal with the smuggling process of illegal pigs into the country to drain as soon as possible...

Can buy. Suthisan Chirathivat organizes the event "BnB home EXPO 2022", an exhibition of home decoration accessories and electrical appliances.

with leading products from more than 500 famous brands, including Bodin Klinsuwan, Parichart Yamwinit and Pattha Rattanawisitkul

Come join the event at BITEC Bangna the day before.

  • press release

    Broadcasting Committee Nomination Committee

    television business

    and the National Telecommunications Commission or the NBTC, with Kiatpong Amatayakul, a judge of the Supreme Court.

    be the chairman of the board

    Announcement of the recruitment of one person who deserves to be elected as a member of the NBTC in telecommunication, who can apply from October 30 to November 5, at the recruitment point, the Secretariat Office. The Senate, 1st floor of the Parliament Building, can be found at


Opening more Hiran Tanmit organized the opening event "EVEANDBOY", the number one beauty store, beloved by Thai women, branch 17, with Pol Gen San-Yuwaret Sarutanon, Parinya Wanasuk, Suthawan Trachu and Jarinporn Junkiat also joined the event.

At Eve & Boy Seacon Square Srinakarin the day before.

  • pragmatism

    Foundation of Social Democratic Education Philosophy by Asst. Prof. Dr. Prathum Angkoonrohit, Special Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn

    A guide to the idea of ​​classical pragmatism and its application of thought to student-centered education.

    Autovision & Travel takes you to see Sukhothai, the city of happiness, definition of the land of dawn of happiness.

    Smiles all around Check In 10 Coffee Shops Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

    That you must not miss ...Tue' Toon Pocket Magazine Read Gen Banchorn Chawansilp written before becoming a cadet...Jiraporn Khaosawad, Chief Executive Officer and President P PTT Oil and Retail

    Doing business with a vision

    fill the opportunity

    For all growth together, join hands with NRPT and Inobic-NRF.

    Join the development of plant protein and food of the future.

    through PTT gas stations, giving Thai people more convenience and the opportunity to choose healthy food...

    At the same time, Wuttikorn Satithit, Executive Vice President, Natural Gas Business Unit

    PTT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation in market development and investment of Sodium Bicarbonate to support the gas separation plant business with OR to study the feasibility of using carbon dioxide from the gas separation plant. as a precursor in the production of Sodium Bicarbonate that can be further developed in the food-pharmaceutical industry

    and animal feed...

New Generation Pharmacy, Dr. Sukhum Kanchanapimai, holds a press conference on the 24th anniversary of "Bangkok Drug Store" to open a vision of a new Thai health service system with Somkiat Nampradit and Chuwit Waisirirot and Saranya Chidputra coming. work with

at the Medical Association of Thailand the day before.

  • notify each other in advance

    Invite your friends, brothers and sisters.


    King Mongkut, North Bangkok, IM people of all generations attended the IM MEETING 2022 party at Bai Mai Ruerueng Restaurant on October 8 at 17.39 onwards ...Society today at 1:30 p.m. Suriya Juangroongruangkit

    Minister of Industry

    Presided over the 2022 Green Mining Awards Ceremony at Magic 3 Room, Miracle Grand Convention Hotel.

Knowing the secret, Weerachai Munsinthorn organized an activity to suggest tips for business management that can be further developed for small entrepreneurs, with Phai Li, Dr. Sirikul Laokaikul, Sombatsara Thirasaroj, Ankarat Nitipon. and Angwara Thiratantikanon

Come join the event at Gaysorn Urban Resort the day before.

Joined in the signing of Noppadech Karnasut, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, B. Grimm Power Company Limited, and Michael Lewis, Director of Air Liquide Co., Ltd., signed a purchase and sale agreement for REC certification to drive sustainable clean energy with Don Tayathan and Amorn Wongsawat also attended the ceremony at B.Grimm Power Company, head office the day before.

"Iron Eagle"