The same applies to journalism in Bulgaria - it is not for the squeamish. 

You need a strong stomach to deal with them.

And why not, since it is full of Putin's Euro-Atlanticians, agents of the DS who fought against the communist dictatorship, singers in the ear of the mutts who fight against the mafia, socialist millionaires, denying human rights and the most ordinary troublemakers. 

And all of them – with mouths like a mill. 

The bad thing is that uncritical coverage, and letting them just drone on in your presence

while you hold onto the microphone and think about what to buy for lunch, not only doesn't make you a journalist, it actually gives them a platform for self-expression.

Kopeikin barely passed four percent in the last election (due to low voter turnout!), but in this one he has more than doubled the percentages (again with the help of low voter turnout).

He was given a podium out of nowhere, because he is a parliamentary representative, and filled the space with slop. 

Scum turned out to be great campaign material. 

But back to the fact that being silently present around Kopeikin et al and GIVING them your air time, pages in your newspaper or space on your website not only makes you the absolute emanation of NO! journalism, but also creates the danger that tomorrow no you can do your job or the prosecutor's office will be sent to you if you don't listen. 

If you give a tribune to Kopeikin,

tomorrow he will have not ten, but twenty percent, then thirty, just look and become the ruler.

And then you might end up at Belene's door, JUST as he has already promised publicly several times (don't forget!). 

What should have happened after the Dime said he was leaving (if the journalists from the media he personally disliked didn't leave, you see) was to be shown the door and have a good day. 

And not to run after him

and beg him to say something.

What did you expect him to say?

Something clever?

Something different?

Didn't you realize he went to do circuses and raise his rating among the flatlanders?

And you decided to help him, neglecting collegiality and elementary professional self-esteem? 

He will behave even worse tomorrow and he will know that he can, because he is very important and you are running after him. 


Watching Kopeikin on TV is: 

1. The TV version

of knowing you shouldn't pick at the crust of a wound, but still not being able to stop; 

2. The TV version

of knowing you're very ugly, dumb and smelly and you have to watch porn because you want to… don't you!

Watching The Penny is the same when you want to have an opinion and a position, but your only knowledge is about the brandy cauldron, and malice and fear are pouring out of your ears.

And you look at the Kopeikata, to inspire you and tell you what to think, so that you too are a real person - with an opinion and so on. 

Understand: you are not poor just because you are robbed.

Yes, and for that, but not only. 

You are poor because you are so easy to manipulate.

Fear has left you thinking only of eating and surviving.

Poverty makes you distrustful, and even surviving you don't take the time to educate yourself.

Uneducated and scared you vote and follow fools who play on your fears. 

Discouragement, fear, illiteracy and poverty are deliberately maintained here - in the land of incompetent politicians who otherwise cannot. 

Do you still think it matters whether you vote or not?

Even after seeing Kopeikin today?

The candidate sending to Belene and trying to chase journalists from the state BTA (that's right - not from the headquarters of his party, but from the state BTA!).

If you had voted, the percentage would have been high.

Then this smear on the shirt of the Bulgarian politician would not be able to enter the parliament, because he would not collect the cherished 4% and cross the barrier.

He would stand in the corner, steal from the party subsidy and irradiate flat earthers in small groups.

Now his sponsors - led by Governor Mitrofana - have become convinced that they should pour more into him, and the media are forced to cover him, and journalists, by inertia, give him space without contradicting him. 

On top of everything, Kopeikata has the MOST air time (for his lies) during the campaign (followed by the other ruZZophile Yanev). 

Kostadin Kostadinov is #1 in the number of false statements on national air

And finally: I experienced Alla Pugacheva being more of a democracy hardliner than Roger Waters and standing up to the dictator, while Roger Waters Russian propagandists use him to quote his nonsense... 

I will say it in the words of Father Gosho Minchev: "What times we have lived, people."

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