Both sides of the Chinese iron-hulled fishing boats are equipped with sharp protruding iron rods to prevent our patrol boats from searching.

(Provided by Penghu Coast Guard)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] Chinese iron-hulled fishing boats reappeared and gathered in the waters of Penghu. We also found that the iron-hulled boats’ anti-investigation armed forces were significantly upgraded, and sharp protruding iron rods were installed on both sides of the fishing boats to prevent our patrol boats from forcibly banning them; Penghu The Coast Guard pointed out that in the past, only a few iron-hulled ships were equipped with iron rods, but now they have become common equipment, and the installation density is higher, the length is longer, and the sides protrude up to 3 to 5 meters, increasing the risk of the coast guards jumping from the ship at sea. sex.

3 to 5 meters long to block my patrol boat from approaching

However, recently, the movements of Chinese fishing boats are under our control, and they are still operating outside my country's prohibited waters, which shows that Chinese iron-hulled ships are still quite afraid of our sea patrol ban.

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Penghu fishermen said that a large number of Chinese iron-hulled fishing boats have been found in the open sea recently, about a dozen in number. What is even more shocking is that most of the iron-hulled boats are equipped with irons with longer lengths and more poles, which look like The spread-winged eagle is quite conspicuous on the sea.

According to the latitude and longitude provided by the fishermen, it is twenty-seven in the northwest of Gupoyu.

Eight Wei has an unnamed iron-hulled ship, twenty-five northwest of Gupoyu.

There is another "Min Longyu No. 05085" in Siwei; we have learned that the iron-hulled ships are outside the restricted waters, and we are strengthening monitoring.

The Coast Guard plans to prevent the Chinese ship from succeeding

The Chinese fishing boats that crossed the border in the past often refused to accept our ban and rammed into our patrol boats. Because the wings on both sides were weak in defense, they would collide with the bow. Our patrol boats are made of fiberglass, with high speed and high mobility. The boarding control is adopted on both sides of the iron-hulled boat. Now the iron-hulled fishing boat is equipped with sharp iron bars on both sides.

The coast patrol team pointed out that the iron-hulled ship will not be allowed to succeed. If it dares to cross the border, it will respond to the situation at any time.

The Coast Guard has paid attention to the upgraded equipment of Chinese iron-hulled fishing boats, and has also installed fenders on our new patrol boats. However, the hull part cannot be fully protected, and corresponding countermeasures have been formulated.