Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe attended the 15th anniversary of Mao Cable's 15th anniversary of the "Come with friends and walk around Mao Cable Love You Tour" event, and delivered a speech at the meeting.

(Photo by reporter Liao Zhenhui)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Wu Zijia, chairman of the Beautiful Island Electronic News, falsely accused Shen Huihong, the DPP mayoral candidate for Hsinchu, who had asked Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe for office. He once wanted to poach Shen, which caused the outside world to criticize the past for his thirst for talent, but now he is allowed to smear him. In this regard, Ke Wenzhe has turned a low-key attitude and vaguely stated that he had planned to let Gao Hongan, a legislator of the People's Party, run for election in Hsinchu, so he was talking with Shen Huihong in "Gathering intelligence", just to learn about local elections.

Wu Zijia falsely claimed that "Shen Huihong asked Ke Wenzhe for office" has been controversial for many days, but Ke Wenzhe only said that he met with Shen with Deputy Mayor Huang Shanshan on January 3 last year, and the two sides only talked about Hsinchu-related affairs. He refused to disclose the matter because of the privacy of others. He only admitted yesterday that he mentioned that if former Hsinchu Mayor Lin Zhijian left, he suggested to Shen Huihong, "We (North City Hall) have a shortage here, you can come!"

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Ke Wenzhe's move was also criticized. In the past, he was thirsty for talent, but allowed his staff to smear it. Ke Wenzhe attended the event of "Pulling Friends and Walking on the Cat Cable Love You Tour" this morning. He just said that he had planned to let Gao Hongan run for election in Hsinchu early last year, so he had to "gather intelligence" and grasp the situation of the Hsinchu city government, so meeting with Shen Huihong was just to understand the local election situation.

Ke Wenzhe said that he never talked about such things. He blamed Ke Jianming, the head of the Legislative Yuan of the Democratic Progressive Party, for breaking the news, emphasizing that the matter was very simple at the time, and he just wanted to inquire about the entire election situation in Hsinchu.

As for the self-assessment of "the courage to admit mistakes and refuse to make corrections," Ke Wenzhe still says that his attitude is like this, and he will still say what he should say.