Taiwan's M1A2 combat vehicle for arms sales to the United States.

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Taking into account asymmetric combat power and peacetime military purchase needs

[Reporter Tu Jumin/Comprehensive Report] In response to the threat of the CCP's military force, my country is accelerating the construction of its defense force. Cressy, an official of the U.S. State Department's Political and Military Bureau, delivered a closed-door speech at the "U.S.-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference" on the 4th, according to the participants. , Cressy expressed at the meeting that in view of the threat facing Taiwan, the US must accelerate the delivery of arms sales, and will take into account the asymmetric combat power and Taiwan's peacetime arms purchase needs.

The "U.S.-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference" hosted by the "U.S.-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce" was held in Virginia, the United States from the 2nd to the 4th of this month. Mo Jian, Chairman of the Taiwan Association, attended the meeting, and Cressy, Director of the Office of Regional Security and Arms Transfer of the U.S. State Department Bureau of Political and Military Affairs, was invited to speak. She was the first time the U.S. State Department government and military attended the conference since it was held in 2002. Bureau officials.

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Vice Minister of National Defense General Wang Xinlong delivered a speech at the meeting on the 2nd and mentioned that my country, in accordance with the guidance of the military strategy of "defense and deterrence", is actively preparing for the purchase of various defense weapons. Delivered to Taiwan on schedule and with high quality, in order to facilitate effective integration and use after acquisition, and strengthen joint combat effectiveness.

Contact other partners to assist Taiwan in acquiring armaments

According to reports, in a closed-door speech on the 4th, Creshy reiterated that the United States' commitment to Taiwan is "rock solid", firmly supports the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait, and is committed to ensuring that Taiwan has sufficient self-defense capabilities.

The United States is actively addressing the issue of delays in the delivery of allied arms sales. The United States has to speed up the delivery of arms sales in view of the threats facing Taiwan. The United States alone may not be enough to meet Taiwan's arms needs. Therefore, the United States is also approaching and encouraging other partners to Join to assist Taiwan in the acquisition and production of armaments.

Creshy also said that the United States has encouraged Taiwan to adopt an "asymmetrical combat power" strategy for many years, but will not refuse Taiwan's purchase of armaments beyond this category. The United States will also continue to support Taiwan's ability to maintain peacetime military activities. Taiwan's production and procurement can ultimately create armament items that scare resistance and self-defense.

Mo Jian: The CCP wants to cut off Taiwan's relations with other countries

Mo Jian made a speech on the 3rd to criticize that the CCP is becoming more and more aggressive with foreign countries, and it is also trying to cut off Taiwan's relations with other countries. He quoted US Secretary of State Blinken as saying that US-China competition does not need to lead to conflict, and the US does not seek conflict and peace. Will try to avoid, but will also defend its own interests against any threat, whether in the Taiwan Strait or the wider Indo-Pacific region.

The United States will continue to honor its commitments under the Taiwan Relations Act and support Taiwan's self-defense.

Taiwan's Haimas multiple launch rocket system for arms sales to the United States.

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