As a reporter in the events of October 6, 1976, I was joined by a group of friends, Pricha Karnsomphot, the owner of the picture "Tokok" "Eaw", the Bangkok Post, Somboon Siamrath, opened the door, Kinjai Contemporary.

Bang Phlat Intersection

Thonburi side entered the photo exhibition on October 6, facing the devil.

This event is open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. to 1 October-13 November.

For me...the desire to go back to the past will come together. That night, Oct. 5 to the morning of Oct. 6, the attitude might surprise the youngsters who organized the event.

Why is it that the reporters in the father's generation are more than 70?

Ew Bangkok Post Best Picture Award

Riot Plubplachai Year 1974 I took a picture of Chiang Mai Stadium Riot in 1975. Preecha took a photo of "Tokok", the best award in 19

We wrestle and outsmart

They've known each other for decades...

Surviving all kinds of disasters, including Covid-


, coming together must be exhilarating.

This exhibition is held in a small, tall, complex setting. We are all trapped in the story in front of us.

The story of the image of Wicha, one story, one group of people swarming and killing another.

With the supporters, Preecha told about it, many times he cried.

Why do Thai people have to kill themselves?

For the new generation, the event on October 14, 1973 is too long and too far.

When there is an issue of October 6, 1976, come take a closer should go and see.

to understand


parent generation

So I'm still confused... with the decision to move forward in some politics.


I want to see the movie on October 6, coming to show the second round

There are newspapers on October 6 encountering demons for sale.

pure content

No ads for free products...

In some sections on page 2, before it is a museum establishment project on October 6, it tells about the Red Door.

The hanging point for two leftists in Nakhon Pathom... Oh!

46 years, still remains as an object witness ... amplified speakers in Thammasat

shot perforated

2nd witness object

3rd witness object: jeans belonging to Danaisak Iamkong, a sophomore student at the Faculty of Political Science, Ramkhamhaeng.

This jeans Danaisak wore to a gathering in Thammasat.

He died of a gunshot wound cutting a femoral artery on October 6, 1976.

This information is just this.

For everyone else, it's just one life in many lives, but for me, a lonely journalist.

At the turn of the Thammasat Tha Prachan time period 05.00 to 07.00 not only that.

front page news

The whole road from Tha Prachan to Tha Chang...

is the thousands of student prisoners lying on the ground

Thammasat's door has been closed since has been opened.

I asked if I would go to Prime Minister MR Seni Pramoj's house.

A moment later, a group of about 20 students ran out from the corner of Tha Prachan.

The young student running in front raised both hands, shouting “I surrender” with the sound of a gun, “Bang”, he fell to the ground.

He was drawn by the arm to the student prisoners...I looked again.

He lay crying

Blood spurted from his thighs.

I look left and right

shouting at the officer

Why don't you take him to the doctor?

I lost my vision here...I remember having to go to the printing house, send the film to be washed, sit at the table and write news.


He must have been taken to an ambulance...

I've written a message and asked if it's still good. Should send some greetings to tell about ninety lives today.

This set of pictures I took on the front page of a newspaper.

later found in a special magazine

and some books on sale

Seeing his face, he would know that he was Danaisak Iamkong or not?

If so, we should forgive each other.

even a little time

But it's nice to meet you...proud to meet a real fighter for democracy...another person.

kirin pralongchoeng