Flood disaster does not relieve the crisis

Ubon is still severely flooded into the power station to mobilize to prevent chaos

The water level is equivalent to the great flood of year 62. Chaiyaphum, the water surrounded the city is very tragic.

"Luang Pho Sukhon", 97 years old, the abbot of Wat Dang, slipped and drowned.

Sisaket Uam Yao

Begged to help the villagers who were cut off without food and water.

Khon Kaen Khon Kaen

"Loei-Chiang Mai" began to unfold.

Villagers clean the shop

Chainat was thrilled with a single ruptured flap, sinking his head almost 2 meters away from the chaotic death.

Ang Thong Villagers are furious, dismantle the sandbags and ask for water to flow to the other side.

Kabin city breaks down, causing the market to sink into the ground

Chao Phraya Dam and Pa Sak Dam increase drainage

Bangkok prepares to deal with 3 waters at the same time

"North water - rain water - support water"

Although in the northern and upper northeastern regions, the rain will drop somewhat.

But the flood situation in many provinces is still a serious crisis.

while the lower North

The lower northeastern region, the central region, including Bangkok and its vicinities, continue to rain.

Combined with the northern water that flows down and there is still seawater, causing the flooding to expand continuously.

causing severe trouble for the affected villagers

Ubon has severely flooded the power station.

On October 5, the flood situation

Ubon Ratchathani Province


At the water level measurement station M7, Seri Prachathi Bridge

Ubon Ratchathani Municipality

The water level was at 115.97 m. SRT, an increase of 23 cm, 3.97 m higher than the riverbank. It was in the same critical condition as when the great flood last year. Many roads are heavily flooded.

Especially on the route to Warin Chamrap District, he became paralyzed.

The only road that has not flooded is the bypass road.

Kudlad - Bua Tha Bua Thoeng

as well as the provincial power station

Along the Mun Noi River, the water began to flood into the building at a height of more than 20 cm.

The water pump must be installed to prevent damage because it may affect a wide range of people.

while the bypass route

In front of Central Department Store

and the road beside the Central Department Store

From the intersection of the Provincial Waterworks Authority

Cross the Mun Noi Bridge onwards.

Water flooded the roads at some points up to 1 meter, the water level showed no signs of declining.

The police had to bring a metal fence to prevent small cars from driving through the tide.

not different from the bridge over the Mun River in the middle of the city

both the liberal democracy bridge

And the Rattanakosin 200 Bridge. The water overflows at the foot of the bridge over the Warin Chamrap district. Some points have already flooded more than 1.2 meters.

Sadly, "Luang Pho Sukhon" drowned.

Chaiyaphum Province, a tragic incident occurred at Wat Boriboon.

Baan Chee Lek Yai, Rob Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang Chaiyaphum District

Phrakhru Conservation Chaitham

or Luang Pho Sukon Buppha, 97 years old, the abbot of the temple, advisor to the primate of Mueang Chaiyaphum District

Drowned in the flood and died inside the temple

It is expected that in the morning Luang Por Sukhon woke up and walked to see the flood water in the temple at a height of 70-80 cm, slipping and falling not far from the cubicle.

They may have been injured or unable to help themselves, causing them to drown and die without being seen.

Before the corpse floated to a tree 20 meters away, until a villager came to find the body, causing great sorrow for the villagers and their students.

As for the flood situation in the area, the crisis has not yet passed.

The Chi River overflowed and flooded Route 201, the area connecting the outskirts of the city.

There were high flooded houses in Ban Khai Subdistrict, Chi Long Subdistrict, Nong Na Saeng Subdistrict, Non Kok Subdistrict, Rob Mueang Subdistrict and Chaiyaphum Municipality.

Nong Sang Community, Non Hai Intersection, Nong Lot and Cassia Yai Community

Asking for help in 2 sub-districts with water shortages

Sisaket province, Mr. Boonchob Puangchampa, senior permanent secretary of Kanthararom School District, said that Kanthararom district is the area that receives water from both the Mun River, Huai Khayung and various branches of the creek.

It has already affected 15 sub-districts from 16 sub-districts, including 80 villages, except Kham Niam Sub-district, the only sub-district that has not been flooded.

The water level continues to rise.

It is expected that the flooded area will expand further.

Reporters were informed that at Non Sang Subdistrict and Bua Noi Subdistrict, the road to the village was cut off by flooding.

Villagers have to bring a car

Motorcycle trucks on E-Ten cars

away from flooded roads

to travel for a career or to run errands

Villagers lacked food and drinking water.

The water level is not likely to drop.

but will continue to increase

The staff came to help by bringing food.

to distribute, but not yet thoroughly

Ubonrat Dam to increase drainage

Water situation at Ubonrat Dam, Khon Kaen Province, water volume of 2,726.47 million cubic meters, or 112% of the reservoir's capacity relevant

Business operators, farmers, as well as people living in waterfront areas should closely monitor the rising water level.

There is an adjustment to increase the drainage of the Ubonrat Dam.

Through the spillway from 35 million cubic meters per day on October 5 to 38 million cubic meters on October 6 to 41 million cubic meters if there is water in the More dams will drain more and more steps indefinitely.

The water dam engulfed the village.

Reporters went to the area to survey the soil embankment, separating the Chi Khat River, a 200-meter long road in the area of ​​Ban Tha Ngam, Village No. 6, Praburi Subdistrict, Phra Yuen District, Khon Kaen Province, flooded thousands of rai of rice fields.

and is flooding into the village

In addition, the water flooded the road from Ban Tha Ngam to Ban Non Somboon and Ban Kham. The water level was 60 cm high, eroding the road torn 20 meters long.

The embankment has been broken for 3 days and the rice fields are damaged by thousands of rai.

Water is also eroding the road.

The villagers were unable to travel around.

Although this road was only completed about a month ago, villagers had to bring sandbags to block the water around the village.

But if the water from Chaiyaphum comes quickly to mix with the cheese

Believe that it will not be able to flood the entire area

The city is open, the mass of water flows into the Mekong.

Loei Province After the cumulative rain causes wild water from Phu Luang to flow into the river.

Overflowing into flooding in the municipality.

Some villages in the lowlands flooded more than 2 meters. Recently, the situation has eased and the water level has dropped so much that it has passed the crisis.

in the commercial economic district

Charoen Rat Road

In front of Loei Municipality Post Office, Mueang Loei District, Governor's Mansion, Loei Technical College, Vocational Intersection, Charoen Rat Road, Ruam Chit Road, Ruam Jai Road, Chum Sai Road, Loei-Na Duang Road

Wisutthep Road, Eua Aree Road, Srichan Phatthana Road

Thung Na Miang Tad Mai Road

The water level dropped to only 10-20 cm. Some roads were completely dry, houses and shops began to clean up.

All vehicles can travel normally.

As for houses along the Loei river, Kut Pong Subdistrict, Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang Loei District, which is an area with a low water level of 30 cm-1.5 meters, is steadily decreasing. It is expected that if there is no rain for another 1-2 days, it will return to normal.

As for all the water masses flowing into the river, it goes to Ban That, That Subdistrict, Chiang Khan District, before flowing into the Mekong River.

Sinking on the road bypassing Nong Bua Lamphu

Nong Bua Lamphu Province

The water from Lamphaniang originates from Na Duang District, Loei Province, along with heavy rain in the area.

Mueang Nong Bua Lamphu District

causing water to flow into the municipality of Nong Bua Lamphu

The water level on the bypass road in front of the Nong Bua Lamphu Municipality Office is about 1 meter high.

The flood spreads wide into the inner city.

Nong Bua Lamphu Bus Station

Long to the front of the Bank of Ayudhya, the water level is 80-90 cm. while the water level on the traffic surface of the bridge over the Paniang River on Route 228 from the front of the gas station

PTT reached the Rainy Ice Plant, with high floods, people using the route to travel to Non Sang District and Si Bunrueang District

unable to roam

must avoid using other routes instead

Old man fishing at the water receiving point, the boat capsized.

Nakhon Ratchasima Province, another villager sacrificed a body of water in the evening of October 4. There was a drowning incident in the area above the Lam Chiang Krai Reservoir (lower part), Ban Kut Phutsa, Moo 3, Nong Bua Lakang Sub-district, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Khun Thot checkpoint has a water depth of more than 3 meters. Rescuers searched for more than an hour until they found the body of Mr. Phat Dok Khun Thot, 71, questioned Ms. Lamun Dok Khun Thot, 69, his wife said that the water flooded the village. Since September 28, the deceased will row boats to trap fish in the water catch area above Lam Chiang Krai Reservoir (lower part) every day. Today, it's back later than usual.

went out and couldn't find

Call the rescuers to help find the raincoats and hats of the deceased floating on the Rampan forest.

I searched until I found the body.

It is expected that during fishing

The ship capsized, causing death.

Soldiers rescue a truck that has been drowned by water.

Nong Khai Province flooded the agricultural area widely.

There was a flooding incident that swept a pickup truck parked on the side of the road.

At Ban Na Kha Pruksahan, Village No. 5, Na Kha Subdistrict, Tha Bo District, soldiers from the Artillery Battalion went to help.

The accident site was a road between the villages.

Both sides of the road were flooded rice fields with a height of 30 cm to 1 meter. It took 2 hours to bring a pickup truck out of the water, said Jirawat Thamma, the owner of the car, said on October 4. There is a mass of water flowing into the agricultural area.

Neighbors borrowed their pickup truck to help relatives whose home was flooded.

while parked on the side of the road and went to help unload the sandbags

During that time, the water level rose sharply and the gusts of water swept the pickup truck down the road and flowed along the water.

The car was flooded.

Ask for help from the staff until you can bring the car up.

But the car drowned and damaged the whole car.

Chiang Mai started cleaning.

Chiang Mai province, the flood situation began to improve.

Pa Phrao Nok Community, Pa Daet Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District

which had been flooded with a height of almost 2 meters, the water level was reduced to only the road surface

The villagers started cleaning the muddy soil that came with the water.

As for the area under the Pa Daet underpass bridge, there is still flooding due to the low depression.

There was an unfamiliar pickup truck driving through the water until almost the entire car was flooded.

The driver had to park the car and leave the cargo to escape.

Chang Klan Road

Central economic district

The water level has dropped almost completely.

There are some sections left at Bua Rawong junction where there is still flooding about 30 cm at the Ping River level at the P1 measurement point at the foot of the Nawarat Bridge.

Dropped below the critical point to 3.57 meters and is likely to decline rapidly.

As there was no more rain, Mr. Nirat Pongsitthavorn, governor of the province.

Chiang Mai has ordered the mobilization of water pumps to pump water out of the lowland areas where some communities still have residual flooding. It is expected that within two days the situation will return to normal.

Before mobilizing Big Cleaning to clean the city to welcome tourists in the upcoming high season.

Commander-in-Chief of Police visits Police Region 5

same afternoon

Police Lieutenant General Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, the police chief, Pol Gen Torsak Sukwimol, deputy police chief, traveled to the Provincial Police Flat, Region 5, Mueang Chiang Mai District.


Donate items and financial assistance to police families.

Along with checking the damage in the Provincial Police Region 5 that was also flooded.

to help and recover quickly

In both places, the water had receded, leaving only a large amount of mud.

The commander-in-chief of the police said

Ordered all units to set up a center to help people affected by the flood.

both facilitate traffic

Integrate with various sectors in the form of volunteering

Help evacuate things, donate survival bags, food, and drink water to prevent crime from aggravating the people.

Visiting and handing over supplies

Kwan to the police under the Pathum Thani Provincial Police Department at Sam Khok Police Station, Muang Pathum Thani Police Station and Suan Pepper Park Police Station

with a meeting to present policies and guidelines for operation

Close the water gates to protect Phichit.

Phichit Province Floods expand more because the mass of water from Phitsanulok province flows to join, causing the Nan River to flow through 3 districts, Mueang Phichit District, Taphan Hin District and Bang Mun Nak District. The water level continues to rise.

Especially during the flow through Phichit municipality, the water level is 10.15 meters, more than 0.75 meters above the sewer level, causing the municipality to not drain into the Nan River.

Order to prepare for close surveillance and prepare the area to support the water.

Close the floodgates to prevent flooding into the city.

Install water pumps and set up guards at all floodgates 24 hours a day, and inform public relations for people to prepare for flooding.

Speed ​​up moving things up high.

Evacuate pets and move vehicles in a safe place.

The second boatman was found capsized.

Phrae Province: From the incident of a long boat, 11 rowers who were practicing for the race in the Yom River, Wiang Thong Subdistrict, Sung Men District, Phrae Province, were hit by a strong current until the boat hit a bridge pier causing the boat to break, causing 9 rowers to swim ashore and sink. 2 people were missing in the water. The incident occurred in the evening of October 2, and later on October 4, the body of Mr. Chayakan Saengchok, 31 years old, was found, one of the two missing rowers.

Progress on October 5, the Water Victims Center, Wiang Thong Subdistrict, was informed that the body of 27-year-old Panupong or Bank Suriyo was found, another missing paddler.

Floating sluggishly next to the bamboo clump of the Yom River

Near the Moo 5 Pumping Plant, Wiang Thong Subdistrict, 1 km away from the accident site and only 20 meters from the location where Mr. Chayakan's body was found

The wall is broken, the villagers fled the chaotic water.

Chao Phraya Dam, Sapphaya District, Chainat Province, adjusted the drainage rate to 2,702 cubic meters per second.

As a result, the water level at the bottom of the dam was higher.

The continuous increase in drainage for several days caused the water dam at Ban Pho Tia, Sappaya Subdistrict, Sappaya District, to collapse underground.

The water in the Chao Phraya River quickly gushed out.

flooded the houses and the old market of the Sapa Ya community

In the blink of an eye, less than an hour, the flood level was almost 2 meters high, more than 200 villagers rushed to unload their belongings to escape the water.

Rescue personnel, the Royal Thai Air Force 4 and Sappaya Sub-District Municipality help carry stuff and fill sandbags.

And brought machines to help make an embankment prevent water from flooding the market area of ​​the district's economic district. In Hat Hansa Subdistrict, the water overflows the bank and floods more than 1,200 houses. Villagers have to migrate to tents on the roadside with difficulty.

Ang Thong thrusts through the dam

Ang Thong Province The water level in the Chao Phraya River and the Noi River continues to rise.

The floodwaters overflowed the dam in Moo 5, Chorakhe Rong Subdistrict, Chaiyo District, the same site that had been destroyed in the year 64. Officers took 2 backhoe trucks to urgently dig up the embankment.

part of the pine temple

Ang Thong Municipality

There were water splashing through the ground at several points.

Officers used crushed stone to build a barricade around the risky spot and installed a large water pump to prepare for it.

as well as at the foot of the bridge over the Chao Phraya River

In front of Ang Thong City Hall

The water flows under the dam along the Chao Phraya border into the Ang Thong Bridge.

Municipal officials with military personnel rushed to put sandbags in line to prevent water from spilling into government centers and economic districts in the city.

Villagers tear down sandbags

At the edge of Road 309, Ang Thong-Ayutthaya, Bang Pla Kot Subdistrict, Pa Mok District, there is a group of villagers in the community in charge of the old district office that was flooded.

enduring the suffering that exists

They came out to dismantle the sandbags that blocked the water on the roadside.

To allow the water to drain to the opposite side of the area, Rong Chang sub-district had administrative, police officers and Mr. Prateep Monsuwan, M.E.

Initially agreed upon

By placing a single layer of sandbags to allow some water to flow across them.

It is the average of each other's suffering.

Both parties were satisfied to disperse.

The floodwaters flooded the Kong Khong market.

At Ban Pho Subdistrict, Bang Pa-in District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

The area adjacent to the Chao Phraya River will have the water of the Pa Sak River flowing together.

The water level that overflows the banks widens.

People's houses were flooded, they had to row boats through the floods more than 3 meters, with a distance of more than 2 kilometers, going in and out of the village to receive consumer goods that were assisted by government agencies and the private sector.

At Kong Khong Market, Bang Pa-In District, a retro market, a famous tourist attraction of the province.

The increasing amount of water from the Chao Phraya River caused the embankment after the market to collapse.

Water flooded the market last night, the water level was 60-70 cm.

Some were unable to move in time, drowned, were damaged, floated in the water, and some had to use a rowboat to carry their belongings out.

Kong Khong market announced that the market will be closed on 6-9 October.

The weir bursts repeatedly in Kabinburi

Prachinburi Province flooding situation

Kabinburi District


After the solar water distribution system project, Ban Nong Saeng, Village No. 11, Na Khaem Subdistrict, was eroded by water, causing the bank to collapse.

The flood waters flooded the agricultural area and flowed into the Prachinburi River.

As a result, schools in the municipality of Kabin

Wat Mai Tha Phanit

Kabin Municipality Market

The water level is almost 30 cm. Road at the end of Soi Chao Samang.

The villagers' houses were submerged for more than 1 meter and the 100-year-old market community was flooded with water in the Prachin Buri River more than 1.7 meters. Villagers had to use rowboats on the road to travel in and out.

Sri Maha Phot district also flooded houses along the river almost 2 meters, especially at Pho Thong Temple, Ban Tam Subdistrict, flooding the entire temple area.

Like the area of ​​Moo 9, Tha Tum Subdistrict, Moo 5 and Moo 4, Si Maha Phot Subdistrict, flooded the entrance road to the village 15-30 cm high, small cars became difficult to travel.

Pa Sak Dam to increase drainage

Pasak Chonlasit Dam, Lop Buri Province, the water volume is 1014.15 million cubic meters, or 105.64%, exceeding the capacity at the storage level of 960 million cubic meters, and there is still a lot of water flowing into the dam, Mr. Chupong I. Sarat, director of the project to deliver water and maintain the southern teak forest.

School Director of the project to deliver water and maintain the forest Sak Cholasid

Sign the letter as soon as possible.

It said that there will be about 400 million cubic meters of water flowing into the dam. The Royal Irrigation Department needs to adjust the ladder drainage from 600 cubic meters per second to 800 cubic meters per second.

Will cause the water level in the Pa Sak River from Phatthana Nikhom District, Lop Buri Province to Rama VI Dam, Port District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, to increase 40 cm to 1 meter.

Prepare to slow down the Chao Phraya Dam

Intelligent Water Operations Center (SWOC), Royal Irrigation Department reports the situation of the Chao Phraya River Basin at 4 p.m. The amount of water flowing through Wat Nam Station C.2, Nakhon Sawan Province, 3,008 cubic meters/second, joins the Sakae Krang River through the Ct.19 Wat Nam Station, province. Uthai Thani 367 cubic meters/second, the amount of water flowing through the end of the Chao Phraya Dam 2,700-2,800 cubic meters/second, during October 3-9, there will be more water flowing through the Chao Phraya Dam.

This is to reduce the impact on the lowland areas at the end of the Chao Phraya Dam.

The Royal Irrigation Department needs to keep the vacant area above the dam.

As a result, the water level above the Chao Phraya Dam will rise by about 0.30 meters. The water will overflow the banks and flood the agricultural areas and communities outside the dam in Chainat Province, Mueang Chainat District, Wat Sing District, Manorom District, Uthai Thani Province. .Uthai Thani City and Nakhon Sawan Province Phayuha Khiri District

Ready to receive water above - rain water - support water

Ms. Tawida Kamolvej, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Mr. Jesada Chantaraprapha, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Drainage

shared an overview of the water situation that

The amount of water flowing through the Chao Phraya Dam is 2,697 cubic meters per second.

As for the water level in the Pa Sak Dam, at 106% of the capacity, more will be drained into Bangkok, causing the water level in the Chao Phraya River to rise.

We warn people to be vigilant and follow the news closely.

People in basement parking lots must be wary of flooding if a power outage renders the pump unusable.

Bangkok has prepared various measures

support the situation

especially on 7-8 Oct.

at the high sea

together with the water above and the amount of rain that fell

Prepare in the shore where the sea is lined up densely packed sandbags.

including the area of ​​the tooth

with reinforced sandbags to increase strength

Increase the efficiency of drainage in the main canal

There is coordination with the Department of Agriculture.

continually distributed in the preparation of the floodgates

The BMA has prepared 2,592,000 sandbags to prevent flooding, distributed in all 50 districts.

Clarification requesting cooperation from work from home

Ms. Tawida clarified the case of the interview about work from home that

There may be miscommunication and misunderstandings.

BMA does not have the authority to issue orders on work from home.

But it's just asking for cooperation from agencies and entrepreneurs.

who may consider using a work from home policy or flexible time off work

to reduce congestion on the journey home in the evening

allowing people to travel conveniently and reducing traffic congestion

The idea is to ask for cooperation.

Did not announce a break from work

or still have to take measures to work from home

Corrections send inmates to help peel pipes

Mr. Ayut Sinthopphan, Director-General of the Department of Corrections

Order to bring inmates from prisons to help people in many flood-stricken and critical areas.

Inmates from Nonthaburi Provincial Prison

Bangkok Special Prison

Bang Khwang Central Prison and Khlong Prem Central Prison, a total of 40 people joined in filling sandbags and placing sandbags to build a barrier around the clock tower.

Nonthaburi Pier, 350 meters distance, 37 inmates from Pathum Thani Prison went to the area to clean the sewers in front of the Chaeng Watthana Government Center, 700 meters distance, and 19 inmates from the Nonthaburi Provincial Prison, went to the area to clean the sewers in front of Panyapiwat School until the area Pak Kret-Nonthaburi Bypass, a distance of 500 meters, to solve the problem of drainage to the Chao Phraya River.

and high-level traffic surface flooding

SUT 1 confirms that if the storm is not repeated, Bangkok will survive

At the Government House, Interior Minister Gen. Anupong Paochinda gave an interview about the water situation that the Ubon Ratchathani area is expected on October 8, the water level will be at its peak.

But the Mekong River level is still lower than the river bank.

will accelerate the drainage to reduce the impact a lot

As for the Chao Phraya River Basin, the drainage of the Chao Phraya Dam

When combined with the Pa Sak River

The amount of water will not affect Bangkok if there is no more rain.

When asked whether the overall picture will not repeat the same as the year 2011 or not, Gen.

Anuphong said

There must be an assumption if there is no storm or monsoon trough over.

A monsoon trough is now expected from China's atmospheric pressure.

causing rain in the south of Thailand

If so, the central region, northeastern region and northern region will be affected less. In 2011, there were 3 storms and 3 consecutive monsoon troughs passed through, resulting in heavy rainfall.

not draining water

But this year will be heavy on the water flowing area.

If there is no monsoon, water can be managed.

when knowing where the water mass is

we have to prepare

The Prime Minister ordered to expedite the investigation of the damage.

to heal

"Prime Minister Tu" prepares to go to Phetchabun

Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri, acting as a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, said that on October 6, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha is scheduled to visit the area to monitor flooding problems at Lom Sak District, Phetchabun Province, to give a briefing on the water situation. and flooding in Phetchabun province from Mr. Krit Kongmuang, Phetchabun province governor

Before going to meet and support the victims at Village 11, Tan Diao Subdistrict, Lom Sak District, then continue to Lom Sak Municipality.

meet the victims

and check the Pasak water situation at the bridge in front of the Lom Sak Museum

and at Dong Tan Park

Warning to avoid traveling in the forest - waterfall

Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment

Mention the closure of the national park during the flood situation in many areas that

Department of National Parks assigns various park supervisors.

Consider as appropriate, for example, in the north, parks with waterfalls will be closed for 100 percent.

Because it is in a precarious situation, not safe, the part that has not been closed to the staff to look after the safety of tourists

including the overall condition

Please remind people that in the park with waterfalls and forests, please be patient.

Tourism during this period is not only beautiful, but also dangerous.

When visiting the waterfall, if the water changes color from clear to muddy, immediately leave the area.

Andaman Marine Park

Diving season is about to open.

inviting tourists to travel

But please check the weather conditions first.

Department of Health opens flood relief center

Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai

Director-General of the Department of Health revealed that the Department of Health and Environmental Health Promotion Operation Center (EOC) has been established.

to support working with agencies at the local level

Expedite to help people

Reduce health risks and diseases that will follow

Provided 12,000 sanitation, hygiene and environmental health support kits to victims' families and shelters

To improve the quality of drinking water. There is also dry food.

Bottled water and shampoo. People in flooded areas should be wary of poisonous animals and insects that come in the water.

And the use of electricity in the house, Dr. Jadet Thammathatchaaree, secretary-general of the National Health Security Office (NHSO) said that NHSO provides assistance to people and hospitals that are affected.

Patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis NHSO.

There is a system for delivering dialysis fluid to the house.

The part that requires hemodialysis

have set up a close surveillance system

Where there is a problem can be found.

The hospital reserves immediately.

In addition, the patient has a gold patent in the area.

Flood victims can use the service at a service unit or a medical facility that is not a service unit according to their rights.