According to him, London will be with Ukraine until the war is won by the Ukrainian people.

He emphasized that the support will continue until the territorial integrity of our state is restored.

The diplomat said this in his speech at the Conservative Party conference, Sky News reports.

"We will support them until the last Russian tank pulls away the last Ukrainian tractor," Cleverly stressed.

The British foreign minister noted that strategic endurance is needed to see Kyiv's support to the end.

Failure to do so would send a message to any would-be aggressor that the world's resolve is fragile, he added.

"And if you are listening to this speech, Mr. Putin or Mr. Lavrov, let me say clearly: we will never recognize the annexation of Luhansk, or Donetsk, or Kherson, or Zaporozhye, or Crimea," James Cleverly emphasized.

As reported, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Berbock, believes that 

there is currently no chance that the negotiations will put an end to the war

that Russia has started against Ukraine.

According to the diplomat, the proposals of Russian president-dictator Vladimir Putin are contrary to peace.

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