Readers, please be spicy!!

I would like to squeeze my hand to send encouragement to Thai brothers and sisters.



while on the other side of the world, "war" has not reduced the elbow and let me tell you that "Fight Yib Ta" does not lose any war, must be "Paris Fashion Week" of the world-class super-brand army.

But what's even more eye-catching has to be "vvip customers" from around the world who sit and watch fashion at the event.

Especially the famous celebrity from Laos

"Maymay Sawan"

Oh My God!!

Are you going to "sit and watch" or go "walk by yourself"??

"White Snow Queen"

Kill kill kill, don't be merciful--This runway is a battlefield # I have to win--Isn't it mom??


"See True Conquer Mara"

"Mr. Lee"