Yesterday I told the story of "golf rebellion" or "golf LIV" that is famous all over the world to the point that

The American Professional Golf Association owns the PGA TOUR when it heard the news that Greg Norman would be forming a new golf league.

Because they will use large sums of money from Saudi funds to buy famous golfers to play in bundles.

Investment of this size, the sponsor does not have to collect the entrance fee, how much will it be worth?

This led to the suspicion of Americans who did not like Saudi Arabia anyway.

for reasons of deprivation of human rights

And women's rights, and most importantly, the 2018 murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying the Saudis should have used the golf tournament to bleach themselves.

What, no... The golfers that LIV bought themselves are all PGA Tour golfers and are the products of most of the PGA Tour.

It was as if Greg Norman would suddenly come fishing in the pond they had raised... even more infuriating.

PGA Tour President Jay Monahan then announced the iron rule that

Any golfer who will play in this tournament will be disqualified by the PGA Tour immediately.

not to play together again

Later, the European Tour or the European Tour also announced that any European golfers who play for LIV Golf will not be allowed to return to the European Tour either.

For our Asian Tour Thailand is a member and has many golfers competing.

And it is considered the primary professional tournament for Thai professional golfers.

Agreed with LIV way is because Saudi Arabia is also in Asia and the second reason is that the Asian Tour will be subsidized by LIV Golf to develop a number of Asian golf courses.

Cut the picture back to the US again.

Not just the PGA Tour.

Announcing the boycott of LIV Golf, the world's most famous golfers are divided into two pods, two parties.

World number 2 Rory McIlroy, Northern Irishman, has always beaten LIV golf and thinks PGA Tour golfers shouldn't be playing… Tiger Woods is on the PGA Tour side and said in an interview: Greg Norman once invited but didn't.

Most of the US press doesn't like Saudi Arabia.

Especially the issue of the killing of journalists, Mr. Jamal Khashoggi, which they are very worried about.

So he came out to support the PGA Tour and constantly criticize LIV golf negatively.

Once upon a time Phil Mickelson was a great golfer.

A former five-time major champion who became a partner for Greg Norman to answer questions from journalists hired to write his resume.

But the reporter said only the questions and answers on this issue were published first.

For example, the question of why Phil joined LIV golf despite knowing the golf league was funded by Saudi Arabia.

And the Saudis are like this, etc., as the news is famous in America.

Phil Mickelson replied that although they (Saudi) are really like this.

But he sees the new golf as challenging and worthwhile to join.

As a result...Phil Mickelson was criticized by the American media for hating eggs, hating eels for soup...if he really was like this, he shouldn't have left in the first place.

That incident caused Phil to be announced by major sponsors to cancel support for many pieces of him.

But both Greg and Phil continued to fight.

And can also draw many famous golfers from the PGA Tour.

Especially Dustin Johnson, former world number 1 and most recently, also pulled Cameron Smith, the world number 3, and won the Major "The Open" last year, one more person (read more tomorrow )