Asen Vasilev is the leader in the number of preferential votes in the 2022 Elections (in absolute terms).

The former finance minister received 12,633 personal votes as the leader of the list of "We continue the change" in 23 MIR Sofia.

This is the number of people who have explicitly noted that they are voting for Asen Vasilev, and not just for the party.

PP holds both the second and third place in the ranking - Kiril Petkov receives 9145 votes in Sofia-24, and Hristo Petrov - Itso Hazarda wins on preferences Boyko Borisov in 25 MIR (although PP concedes to GERB as a sum of votes for the entire party list ).

Weighted against all the votes cast for PP - Kiril Petkov's preferences in 24 MIR-Sofia are a slightly larger share than those for Asen Vasilev in the neighboring metropolitan area.

The CEC announced the official results for processed 100% protocols at home and abroad

The leader of GERB, Boyko Borisov, has collected the most preferences of all his party members - as the leader of the lists in Sofia and Plovdiv.

More than 140 candidate MPs have received more than 1000 preferences in their constituency.

For 125 of these people, their personal result contributed more than 7% to the entire list - not all of them will succeed in winning a seat, however.

The electoral code gives an automatic bonus to all list leaders, which makes them almost unshakable, reports

Immediately after Borisov in the ranking of the largest number of preferences - with an inexplicably large accumulation of personal votes - are the football referee Stefan Apostolov (son of the mayor of Simitli) and the former hostess from Varna Slavena Tocheva.

The leader of "Vazrazhdane" 

Kostadin Kostadinov

 collects a fairly high preferential vote in his native Varna constituency.

The chairman of the 47th National Assembly  ,

Nikola Minchev

 , also managed to enter the top 10 thanks to his personal vote in Plovdiv.

The activity with preferences is also very high for the leader of the GERB list in Burgas  ,

Zhecho Stankov

, who this time replaced Lyuben Dilov-sin after his disappointing performance in the 2021 elections.

Not only the leaders, but also some of the lower positions in the list have managed to accumulate their own preferences, which represent 


20-35% of the votes for the entire party


GERB holds the championship in terms of the number of deputies who receive more than 1,000 preferential votes.

31 of those are people ranked further back on the lists, who are either trying to get ahead of everyone else - or are slotted under the "unprotected" No. 2 and are fighting to keep from being pushed out of an electable spot.

Stefan Apostolov from Simitli is again a record holder in the list, going from 22nd place to second place.

In a similar way - the 20th in the list of the BSP in Blagoevgrad, Nikolay Georgiev, went to third place with 1,755 votes.


 fought the most serious internal battle for mandates in 1 MIR Blagoevgrad, where five people jumped over the 7 percent barrier for re-arrangement.

Transfers at GERB are also expected in Varna, Sofia region, Sliven, Ruse, Lovech, etc.

The best personal result in Democratic Bulgaria is that of former e-government minister 

Bozhidar Bojanov

 - third in 23 MIR - who received 4,989 preferential votes in the list led by Nadezhda Yordanova.

Elisaveta Belobradova

 also moved the lists in 23 MIRs with over 4,800 preferential votes.

In 24 MIR, the economist 

Martin Dimitrov

 (4 in the list) has over 7% of the personal vote, with the sixth 

Kremena Kuneva

 following him in terms of the number of valid preferences - for now, however, there is a risk that he will not enter the parliament, because DB only gets two mandates in the capital region.

The doctor 

Alexander Simidchiev

 also has the possibility of a preferential transfer to 25 MIR Sofia.

How many of them will actually win a mandate remains to be seen after the final distribution of the CEC.

DPFs that have never run preferential campaigns show several surprising results.

The eighth in the list in Montana from DPS Dimitar Vladimirov won 1782 votes for himself, which is more than double the requirement for reordering the lists - it turns out that his votes in Montana are more than personal preferences for Mustafa Karadayi in his native MIR Smolyan and in Kardzhali.

The second on the list in Montana also "earned" 1,308 preferential votes, but was still overtaken by Vladimirov.

The fifth in the Sofia district, Nikolay Argirov, also takes 1,218 preferences and displaces the former finance minister Petar Chobanov from second place - his effort would have been worth it if DPS got more than one person into the district.