The Office of the President

of Ukraine

said that the 8th package of EU sanctions against the Russian Federation will be included.

Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of OP, stated this at the briefing.

"Today, work continues among the EU member states on the coordination of the 8th package of sanctions. It will include a number of important positions for Ukraine, such as individual sanctions against those persons who organized illegal referendums on part of the occupied territories of Ukraine. Of course, each of them will receive his share of personal sanctions," he noted.

According to Zhovkva, negotiations are still ongoing regarding the limitation of oil prices and it is very important that this sanction is included in the 8th package.

"And there are also negotiations on expanding the ban on the import of a number of goods from Russia. These restrictions will amount to 7 billion euros. And it is very important that there will also be a sanction on the ban on holding positions on the supervisory boards of Russian state-owned companies for EU citizens," he said. deputy head of OP.

He also emphasized that Ukraine wants to see in this package of sanctions the further disconnection of Russian banks from the SWIFT system, in particular, "Gazprombank", the ban on the entry of European ships to Russian ports and the ban on the entry of Russian citizens.

"That is, the cancellation of the possibility of entering the EU for most, if not all, categories of Russian citizens," he clarified.

Zhovkva added that work on sanctions is ongoing and, according to the assurances of the European side, should be completed before the start of the informal EU summit scheduled for October 7.

It will be recalled that at the end of September,

the European Commission presented proposals for the eighth package of sanctions

against Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine and the holding of pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories.

In particular, the EC proposes to establish a new ban on the import of Russian products.

This will deprive Russia of revenues of 7.5 billion euros.

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