The United States today announced plans to provide Ukraine with $625 million in additional military aid, a package that will include more advanced missile systems believed to have helped Ukrainian forces gain momentum in their war with Russia, reports BTA.

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President Joe Biden presented details of another military aid during a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, in which US Vice President Kamala Harris also participated.

Washington will send to Kyiv mobile reactive systems for salvo fire "Hymars", ammunition for artillery systems and armored vehicles. 

At the same time, today the upper house of the Russian parliament officially ratified the annexation of territories in the four Ukrainian regions where referendums rejected by the West as illegitimate were held.

US with another 1.1 billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine

"President Biden reaffirmed the continued readiness of the United States to impose severe sanctions on any person or entity, as well as any country that provides support for so-called annexation," the White House said in a statement.                   

The aid announced today includes the first additional deliveries to Ukraine by Hymars since the end of July.

Washington will send four such systems, bringing the total to 20. The Hymars systems have become a key tool for Kyiv to strike bridges that Russia uses to supply its troops.

In recent weeks, the US has also provided funding under a separate program called the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which enables the purchase of 18 more Hymars systems.

However, the implementation of contracts under this program will take several years.

The weapons and military equipment in the package announced today are from the Pentagon's stockpiles, the State Department says.

Total US support to the Ukrainian military since Biden took office as president now stands at $17.5 billion.

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