Ukraine liberated 1,534 settlements from the occupying forces.

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko announced this during a briefing.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevhen Yenin added that:

  • more than 50 settlements were liberated in the Kherson region;

  • 483 settlements were liberated in the Kharkiv region.

Results of infrastructure restoration in de-occupied cities and towns:

  • 502 settlements were demined.

  • The National Police resumed work in 1,200 settlements.

  • 1,445 humanitarian headquarters were organized.

  • Bodies of local self-government became operational in 1,508 settlements.

Critical infrastructure:

  • Gas supply - 1,026 settlements;

  • Electricity - 976 settlements;

  • Water supply and drainage - 966 settlements;

  • Mobile communication and Internet services - 950 settlements.

In the liberated territories, 933 medical institutions have resumed work, educational institutions have started working in 981 settlements, social protection services - in more than a thousand settlements, financial services are provided - in 922 settlements.

We will remind that the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated a village in the Kherson region from the occupiers for the second time.

David's Breed was occupied by Russian troops on the night of March 13, 2022.

On May 31, the village was liberated by the Ukrainian military, but on June 17, the village was reoccupied.

Earlier, the National Guard released a video of the liberation of the Golden Beam in the Kherson region.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine also confirmed the liberation of the village of Torske in Donetsk region.

In addition, it became known that the Armed Forces liberated the settlements of Arkhangelsk and Myrolyubivka in the Kherson region.

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