The armed forces of Ukraine

 accelerated the counteroffensive on two fronts at once - the eastern and southern.

The occupation forces of Russia are forced to retreat in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as in the Kherson region.

The Washington Post writes about it.

The Kremlin tried to formalize the "annexation" of four more regions of Ukraine, but at the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to retake the occupied lands.

"Commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south and east are creating problems for the Russian chain of command faster than the Russians can respond effectively," said one of the Western officials, who wished to remain anonymous.

He added, stressing that the actions of the Ukrainian army "strengthen the existing dysfunction in the Russian invasion forces."

It is noted that Ukraine seeks to return as much of its territory as possible before the Russian Federation throws hundreds of thousands of mobilized Russians into battle.

We will remind you that in the Kherson Oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

liberated eight settlements


  • Beloved;

  • Christening;

  • Golden Beam;

  • Belyaivka;

  • Ukrainian woman;

  • Velika Oleksandrivka;

  • Mala Oleksandrivka;

  • David Brid. 

So the National Flag of Ukraine continues its victorious march through the south of our country.

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