In the Skadovsky district, the Russian invaders massacred the couple: the family's house was blown up, the husband was beaten, and the wife was kidnapped. 

OK "Pivden" informs about this. 

"In the Skadovsky district, the occupiers tortured a couple for their pro-Ukrainian position. The husband was beaten, the wife was kidnapped and taken to an unknown direction, the house was blown up," the report says. 

Looting also continues in the temporarily occupied cities, in particular, in Kherson and Golya Prystan: cars, housing and ownership documents are taken from the locals.

It will be recalled that a family drama broke out in the Russian city of Odintsovo.

Russian Vanka went to fight in Ukraine, and when he returned home, he found out that his wife was in labor.

After counting the days, he realized that the child was not his.

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