This may happen in the medium term, when the war with Russia ends.

Because if the Alliance accepts Ukraine, it will mean the spread of war in Europe. 

Independent expert on regional security and issues of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, lawyer Oleksandr Kalinichenko, said this in an interview with

"I would single out two areas. This is an internal political one, namely the need to emphasize that we seek NATO membership and do not consider any security guarantees that have been developed in recent months as an alternative. As far as I understand it, this is a fairly successful attempt informational response to the events initiated in the Kremlin regarding the attempt to annex Ukrainian territories. There is also a clear foreign policy emphasis, which places our accession to NATO, as at one time we became a candidate for accession to the EU. If we talk about the foreign policy context and the fact that how will our partners react, it is worth honestly saying that until the hostilities are over, there is no question of joining NATO. Because under such conditions, the Alliance becomes a party to the conflict. Western partners want to leave this war on our territory.Therefore, joining NATO is a medium-term perspective," the expert explained. 

It will be recalled that Zhdanov explained why NATO troops can enter Ukraine, but will not fight with the Russian Federation. 

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