The Democracy Vision Forum at the 228 Memorial Hall focuses on the evolution of Taiwan's electoral system after World War II and the mayoral election of Beigao.

(Provided by Wu Sanlian Taiwan Historical Materials Foundation)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Organized by the February 28th Incident Memorial Foundation and the February 28th National Memorial, and implemented by the Wu Sanlian Taiwan Historical Materials Foundation, "Democracy: The Evolution of Taiwan's Electoral System after World War II and the Beigao Mayor Election", Including keynote speeches, forums and comprehensive discussions, it will be held at the 228 National Memorial Hall from October 15th to 16th.

Wu Sanlian Taiwan Historical Materials Foundation stated that as two important cities in Taiwan, Taipei and Kaohsiung occupy important positions in all aspects of politics, economy and culture. In 1994, the first municipal mayoral elections were held, and these two mayoral elections were deeply indicative of Taiwan's democratization process.

The political opinions put forward by candidates of various political parties have also led to many reforms in Taiwan's society, and gradually disintegrated old local forces to promote Taiwan's progress.

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Nowadays, every election time in Taiwan, the election has almost become a national movement. The voters support the political party they support and actively participate in it. The election is not only close to the people's life, but also becomes Taiwan's unique democratic appearance.

"The Prospect of Democracy: The Evolution of Taiwan's Electoral System and the Beigao Mayoral Election after World War II", experts, scholars and practitioners are specially invited to discuss, and three major themes are planned, focusing on the mayoral elections of Taipei City and Kaohsiung City. Through the discussion, we can learn more about Taiwan's electoral development from authoritarian rule to deepening democracy. The direct election of the mayor of Beigao has led to social change and deepening of democracy in Taiwan, so that people can understand the history of Taiwan's democracy and cherish today's hard-won suffrage.

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