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Russia's largest submarine has tested a torpedo with a nuclear warhead.

The NATO command has sent a warning to its allies regarding the mobilization of the K-329 "Belgorod" submarine, which carries a weapon known as the "Paladin of the Apocalypse," Bulgaria ON AIR reported.

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The alliance suggests that Belgorod went to the Arctic to test a torpedo that can travel 10,000 km underwater.

"Belgorod" entered service with the Russian Navy on July 8, 2022.

The largest submarine in the world entered service in Russia, its "Poseidon" torpedoes worry experts

It is the longest submarine in the world - 184 meters, and its width is 15 meters.

It can move underwater at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour and is capable of remaining underwater for about 120 days.

Her propellers are considered innovative as they are designed to be undetectable by sonar.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

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