Political scientist Oleksandr Morozov assumed that in the future Russian dictator Putin will try to hold on to some captured territories, declaring that the war is won, in another scenario - Putin will be dismissed.

This opinion  was

 voiced by analyst and political scientist Oleksandr Morozov

of Channel 24 .

In his opinion, according to the first scenario, Putin will stop at a

certain front line in Ukraine and will assure the Russians that the Russian army won the war against Ukraine. 

"However, at the same time, Ukraine gets good chances for economic development, thanks to the support of many countries. Structural reforms, etc. are also possible. After that, Russia is unlikely to be interesting for anyone. It will be an absolutely isolated exile country, in 3-4 years there will be nothing there ", the analyst noted.

According to the second scenario, the political scientist believes, the Russian political elite can send

Putin's resignation.

This is not about a coup.

"Many people say that this scenario is impossible. Putin's elite have either closed their ears and eyes, or have already left the country, or they are going to die with Putin. I would like at least a part of this elite to ask themselves the question, where are they pushing Russia, and from what end it will get out of this conflict. Because this is a disaster," he emphasized.

It will be recalled that the director of the CIA warned about the danger and recklessness of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

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