It is reported on the Internet that only 69-year-old confirmed patients can stay in the quarantine center, and the whole family can only coexist with the virus.

(The picture is taken from the official website of the Fact-Checking Center)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the supporting measures of the central government have been adjusted in a rolling manner. Recently, a message circulated in the communication software, saying, "New regulations: The latest regulations for confirmed patients must be over 69 years old before they can go to live. Quarantine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a private suite at home. It doesn’t matter if you have elderly and children at home. The whole family coexists with the virus!

The "Taiwan Fact-Checking Center" reviewed the press release of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and announced on May 17 that in order to ensure the medical capacity across the country, the principles for the admission of confirmed COVID-19 patients will be adjusted from now on.

According to the current regulations, if you meet any of the following qualifications, you can stay in a quarantine center or an anti-epidemic hotel.

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1. Age 70 years and above (inclusive)

2. Age 65 to 69 years old living alone

3. More than 36 weeks of pregnancy (inclusive)

4. Birth 3 to 12 months and high fever above 39 degrees

5. Asymptomatic/mild diagnosed patients who do not need hospitalization but do not meet the conditions for home care

In addition, the inspection center also called 1922. The dedicated customer service staff said that since May 17, the admission conditions of the quarantine center and the epidemic prevention hotel have not changed.

The customer service staff also emphasized that this policy is to preserve medical energy, or to hope that people can be isolated at home. At present, most of the quarantine centers and anti-epidemic hotels are mainly elderly people. Sometimes there are pregnant women and babies with high fever. .

However, if there is no way to isolate one person in one room, you can also apply, and each local government will evaluate the medical capacity and decide whether to admit it.

Regarding the Qingguan No. 1 subsidy application plan, the policy revised by the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Ministry of Health and Welfare on September 9 is limited to the reduction of subsidy objects, and has not been completely cancelled.

At present, the applicable object conditions of Qingguan No. 1 for public funds should meet the following requirements:

1. Those who have been diagnosed with mild disease and have "severe risk factors"

2. Those who have obvious symptoms of fever and cough after diagnosis and need to use oxygen

3. After the diagnosis, any TCM emergency symptoms, including persistent high fever (body temperature above 39°C for 2 days), obvious cough with asthma, and severe sore throat, severe difficulty in eating

Based on the above verification results, according to the current regulations, in addition to the elderly over 70 years old, those aged 65 to 69 living alone, pregnant women who are about to give birth, and babies with high fever can be admitted to the quarantine center/epidemic prevention hotel. Application.

Qingguan No. 1 can still apply for public subsidies if it meets the conditions, so the rumors can be judged as "partially wrong" information.