About 700,000 people left Russia within two weeks after the partial mobilization was announced.

According to APA's Moscow correspondent, "Forbes" published information about this.

A source familiar with the Kremlin's calculations told Forbes that nearly 1 million people have left Russia since the mobilization began.

Another source in the Presidential Administration told "Forbes" that it is about 600-700 thousand Russians.

The source said that it is now impossible to calculate how many Russians went for tourism purposes.

Kazakh Minister of Internal Affairs Marat Akhmetjanov announced that more than 200,000 Russians have arrived in Kazakhstan since September 21.

Ambassador of Russia in Helsinki, Pavel Kuznetsov, said that from September 21 to 30, about 60,000 Russians entered Finland, 80% of them transited to other European countries.

Kuznetsov emphasized that it is not known exactly how many of those who left cited partial mobilization as the reason.

However, according to the migration service, about 100 people applied for asylum.

In early September, before the partial mobilization was announced, Rosstat reported that 419,000 people had left Russia since the beginning of the year.

This is twice as much as compared to the same period last year.