If there is any option for reaching an agreement between the political forces, it will be similar to Borisov's proposals.

However, I remain skeptical.

The requests we have already heard from the leaders of the other formations do not give reasons for optimism.

This was stated by the political scientist Dimitar Ganev from "Trend" in the program "The Day Live" on Nova News.

"The moderators that Borisov mentioned are close in terms of political views to Continuing the Change (PP) and Democratic Bulgaria (DB).

A coalition with "Vazrazhdane" is excluded, especially along the lines of Euro-Atlanticism," he clarified.

Borisov wants a government: Plevneliev and Solomon Passy will lead the negotiations

According to Ganev, there is no way to talk about a prime minister until a majority is formed.

"The profile of the candidate for prime minister will be similar - a person with a biography, a Euro-Atlantic profile," he predicted.

"What the GERB leader mainly aims for is to throw as many bridges as possible to this political family.

Its purpose is to hold talks between PP and DB, and in a second action to turn to another formation.

The problem is not the composition of the cabinet, but the coalition form.

The option is to collaborate and seek the support of a fourth party.

A coalition with DPS would cause great image damage to GERB.

And to allow this in a period of severe crisis, to bear the blow of a severe administration before the local elections, speaks of bad political calculation", the political scientist believes.

"The majority of Bulgarians want to have a stable cabinet.

Borisov told them today that he is ready to compromise.

I am skeptical that there will be an office," said Dimitar Ganev.

Dimitar Ganev

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