Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng announced the expulsion of a Russian diplomat on the 4th.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) claimed at the end of last month that it had discovered a Japanese diplomat engaged in espionage activities in Russia and asked him to leave the country. Japan immediately refuted the accusation and condemned it.

Today (4th) Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng announced countermeasures, saying that a Russian diplomat had been ordered to leave the country within a time limit.

According to the "NHK" report, the FSB accused a Japanese diplomat in Russia of espionage on the 26th of last month. He was arrested in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok and ordered to be deported.

It is reported that the diplomat was blindfolded, forcibly taken away with his head held down, and was even subjected to inhumane investigation and interrogation.

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Lin Fangzheng refuted the Russian accusation after the incident, emphasizing that there was no so-called espionage and other illegal activities, and was very angry at the tough measures of the Moscow government. made a solemn protest and demanded an apology from the Russian side.

Lin Fangzheng announced today that a diplomat from the Russian consulate in Sapporo has been designated as "persona non grata" and asked him to leave Japan before the 10th of this month.