Phraya Yai inspects the flood

Not Phraya Noi Chom Market

The mood was "disturbed" like "Big Tu", General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense hurriedly announced before going to the area to inspect the flood situation in Ubon Ratchathani and Khon Kaen provinces.

No need to put up a welcome sign, bring people to come and cheer each other on for pomp.

In other words, it shows different standards with

"Big Brother", a magnificent scene created at "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister as head of the Pracharat Power Camp

Bring the tailgate team to patrol the flood area

with a minister

MPs surround the back

Welcome sign, show your face

Not counting cheering equipment

Being scolded by rival political parties in the campaign

Get into the iron rule that the Election Commission (Election Commission) has announced to be careful of 180 dangerous days.

"Big Pom" still asked, "What's wrong with people to welcome me?"

Another phenomenon where "big brother" and "little brother" go in different directions.

And day by day, it seems to be getting more and more distant with the distance between brothers 2 years. Especially the situation from the date of the Constitutional Court ordering "Big Tu" to stop performing Prime Minister's duties for 38 days, opening a channel for "Big Pom" to heal over a month in lieu of the Prime Minister

The miracle "inspired heart" came back, strong legs, energetic and energetic.

Symptoms that are not difficult to guess, "Big Brother" is always ready for the government's real number one podium.

I've been waiting for almost 8 years.

If not by chance, "Big Tu" hangs the good amulet "Luang Por Chuay" makes me miss all the time.

Just a short "golden minute" is enough to know.

What do brothers and sisters think?

That doesn't have to be discussed in a long way from now on.

from a political point of view

The story of the succession of power that implies a controversy among themselves.

In the condition that "Big Tu" has the right to continue

but not the end

According to the decision of the Constitutional Court that pinned number one

General Prayut

He has been in the position of Prime Minister since the current constitution came into force in April 2017. Up to this point, "Big Tu" has 3 years left to sit as prime minister, counting the government term.

If there is a major election in 2023

General Prayut

Will be sitting as prime minister for another 2 years. This is a difficult situation problem. If "Big Tu" thinks of making a hat-trick

Make history as Prime Minister for 3 terms

how to vote

in requesting to come back as Prime Minister for only half a term

That was the beginning of the flapping of smoke signals coming out of the Pracharat power camp, performing the "broken raw" operation as Mr. Weerakorn Khamprapha, the Nakhon Sawan MP, Muay Kao, PPC camp. Prawit seizes the prime minister's candidate for the Pracharath camp

Placement and downgrade for Gen. Prayut

Just a Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense

The parade of "big brother" rode on the neck of "little brother", inferior, smashing prices together without face

According to the situation, it is like speeding up the game.

Chase Appehi for "Big Tu" to migrate to settle down with a new fortress.

Ruam Thai Party to build a nation that set aside in times of poverty

“Representative War” is played blatantly through one of its porters.

The parade team "Big Pom" and the subordinate party "Big Tu" are clearly separated.

And that still spreads to "250 senators dragging set" that is a sure cost point for the 3 year old military team. It can be seen from the operation to pull and drag the party list 100 divided 500 formula that has been flipped over and over.

The heads have been counted.

“Big Brother” is at 150.

The other 100 are with "Big Tu"

Look at the numbers, the cost of "lap" is broken into 2 risks.

political news team