There is no such thing as a nuclear military echelon, as claimed by the Western media.

Perhaps we are talking about a railway ballistic missile complex.

However, it makes no sense to take it to Ukraine, the missile has a considerable flight range.

This was explained by military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

"Regarding the train. There is no such thing as a nuclear military echelon. There is a ZBRK - a

railway ballistic missile complex

. The division that is armed with this complex is the only one in the Russian Federation and is located in the city of Nizhny Tagil. The special depot of this complex is located in the area of ​​this city. This complex is a ballistic missile, intercontinental.

It has a minimum range of 6,000 km. It makes no sense to take it to the territory of Ukraine.

Six thousand is the range from which the damage of this missile begins. It does not fly closer. That is its peculiarity." explained the expert.

He added that such echelons ran through the territory of the USSR in Soviet times.

By the way, the corresponding special depots were then located only in Russia and Ukraine, there were two of them.

The Khmelnytsky Missile Division was armed with such a complex.

Zhdanov suggested that the journalists

could have been referring to the command post at the railway base for controlling the Russian nuclear forces.

"Nuclear military echelon - perhaps a train is meant. This is a command post at the railway base for controlling the nuclear forces of the Soviet Union. There was also such a train, it is in the Russian Federation. We don't have anything like that. That's why the command post can move," he said. military expert.

"I think that if a nuclear charge had been moved, the

reaction of the West would have been completely different.

All storage sites have been verified. There are about 12 of them in Russia and they are all located beyond the Urals," Zhdanov emphasized.

It will be recalled that the Times reported that a nuclear train is traveling through Russia in the direction of the Ukrainian border.

The publication reprinted a photo of the BMP-97 column published by pro-Russian Telegram channels.

Journalists speculate: this means that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to test nuclear weapons, most likely in the Black Sea.

NATO has already warned its allies about possible nuclear tests.

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