Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun called on Miaoli villagers to focus on the overall situation and support the KMT-nominated county governor candidate Xie Fuhong.

(Photo by reporter Yu Zhaofu)

[Reporter Yu Zhaofu / Keelung Report] Xu Yaochang, the Miaoli county magistrate from the Kuomintang, made a public platform last night to support Zhong Dongjin, the county magistrate candidate who was expelled from the party by the Kuomintang for violating discipline.

Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun publicly called on this morning that Miaoli villagers should focus on the overall situation and support Xie Fuhong, the candidate nominated by the Kuomintang.

The election of the Miaoli county magistrate was due to the KMT's own family.

Zhong Dongjin set up the campaign headquarters in Toufen, Miaoli last night. Xu Yaochang came to power and told his supporters that Zhong had served as the speaker for 4 years. He recommended Zhong Dongjin to succeed him, so he could continue his construction.

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Zhu Lilun went to Keelung in the morning and accepted a joint media interview after meeting with the KMT candidate for Keelung mayor, Xie Guoliang. During the interview, Zhu Lilun said that he still appealed to all Miaoli villagers.

Zhu Lilun pointed out that former President Ma Ying-jeou will go to Miaoli this week and next week to help Xie Fuhong in the election. He hopes that everyone in the whole party will focus on the overall situation and the big right and wrong, and support Xie Fuhong, the party's nominee.

He will communicate with all comrades and focus on supporting the candidates nominated by the party.