The marriage proposal made on the knees turned upside down

Proposal Gone Wrong

: The expression of love is different for every person.

It is often the dream of many girls that a boy would sit on their knees in front of them, take a


in their hand and ask – will you marry me?

Often we

see many such videos while

proposing marriage .

But such a video is going viral on social media, in which the girl almost loses her temper when she gets a marriage proposal with a ring.

In the video posted on Reddit, a boy wearing a white shirt is seen sitting on his knees and a girl wearing a yellow T-shirt is standing in front of him who gets very emotional after seeing the ring in the boy's hand.

She stretches her hand to put on the ring, almost trembling.

It looks like a college scene.

Boys and girls are hooting in a loud voice from behind.

But as soon as the boy reaches out to put on the ring, the girl grabs her hair and starts screaming.. starts jumping.

Then she shouts at the people around her and drives them away.

This 29 second video has been liked by more than 5 thousand people.

Many comments are also coming on this video.

One user said, "At that moment the boy must have realized that he has made a mistake. Another user writes, "Looks like the girl is scared." The third user wrote, "I have learned about nigeria's mechanics and rings." I have heard that watching the video seems to be the case.After watching the video some are telling the girl's behavior to be childish and some are advising the boy to run away.  

One user writes, this 8th group is not feeling it.

Looks like a college group.

So another wrote, but this is very childish.

At the same time, a user advised the boy sitting on his knees to run away for the proposal, saying, run away... don't look back. 

But some users are calling it a case of mental stress, while some are saying that the girl may have bipolar disorder.