Twelve half-siblings from Spain's Perez family set a new Guinness world record for the "highest overall age" at 1,058.

(Picture taken from Guinness World Records Facebook)

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In Spain, a family of 12 brothers and sisters with the same mother and father has a combined age of 1058, setting a new Guinness world record for the "highest total age"!

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the official Guinness World Records website, the record-setting 12 siblings are from the Hernández Pérez family of Villa de Moya, Canary Islands, Spain. Their parents lived from 1924 to 1946. During the years, seven sons and five daughters were born successively. The eldest eldest son, Jose, was 98 years old, and the "youngest" youngest, Luis, was 76 years old.

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The 12 brothers and sisters have been in a deep relationship for many years, and they even invite each other to get together from time to time. Just at a family gathering in June this year, they accidentally talked about the ages of the brothers and sisters, and found that their combined ages actually exceeded Over 1000 years old, so they began to collect evidence together and contact the Guinness World Records unit.

Just this summer, the 12 siblings were reunited in the city where they grew up to register their birth certificates in front of a notary, and Guinness World Records officials approved in September of this year to officially certify their 12 living siblings with The age plus a total of 1058 years, won the "highest total age" record, and also broke the previous record of 1042 years old for Pakistani family siblings.

After being certified by the Guinness World Records, the 12 brothers and sisters are very happy to say that they have become more deeply and united because of the honor of breaking the world record together. A hot topic at the party, very proud.