On Sunday, October 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation draft laws on joining the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

According to the text of the "documents" that appeared in the State Duma file, the borders of the territories that the Kremlin is trying to annex are defined by the line "on the day of their formation."

It is noted that "DPR" and "LPR" will become Russia within the limits of 2014, which were established in their "constitutions".

For all four regions, their boundaries "are determined by the boundaries of the territory that existed on the day of formation and the day of admission to the Russian Federation." 

The State Duma put the consideration of these "laws" on the agenda for Monday, October 3.

The Federation Council will consider them the next day - October 4.

The Russian Constitutional Court did not see in these "documents" any inconsistency with the basic law of the Russian Federation.

It will be recalled that on September 30, Putin signed documents on the "accession" of part of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

Recently, pseudo-referendums were held there, which, as expected, drew the overwhelming majority of votes in favor of joining Russia.