Kaohsiung mayor candidate Zheng Yuxiang.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang / Kaohsiung Report] Zheng Yuxiang, a candidate for Kaohsiung mayor who does not disclose his academic experience and is the most low-key in history, has today expressed his third political opinion after air pollution and industry. service industry.

Zheng Yuxiang pointed out that sex is the behavior that human beings rely on to continue the race, and it is the basic need of the people. The satisfaction of sex can improve people's physical and mental health and make life more pleasant.

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He emphasized that the sex industry has always existed since ancient times, and it is even known as the oldest industry in the world, but the sex trade is not necessarily legal; while in Taiwan, legal public prostitutes have been closed one after another, and the sex industry is currently illegal. Yes, but the demand for sex still exists, and the sex trade goes underground, including the self-employed, snack bars, massage parlors, touch tea, etc.

However, after the sex trade goes underground, related social problems will arise, for example, in order to operate illegally, it will encourage the bribery of the industry, the people's generation of customs, and the corruption of the police; the business premises are generally set up in the dark, and the surrounding environment is dirty and easy to breed germs. The health of the surrounding residents and the citizens of both sides of the transaction is negatively affected.

Sex workers or service recipients, if they are carriers of sexually transmitted diseases or major infectious diseases, may spread germs and even cause a pandemic (ex. Wuhan pneumonia); among them, the spread of major infectious diseases is the most terrifying, such as this Wuhan pneumonia, After the outbreak of the Wanhua A Gongdian, it quickly spread to various places, and it was out of control.

He said that perhaps these tragedies could have been avoided if the sex trade had been properly managed in the first place. The government had previously decided to legalize sex trade in order to solve related problems, and amended relevant regulations to authorize local governments to set up sex zones, but so far This law has not been implemented by local governments yet.

Therefore, he wants to launch his first political opinion on the sex industry: "Set up a sex zone, and guide the sex industry to become a normal service industry."

Kaohsiung mayor candidate Zheng Yuxiang expressed his political opinions on the sex industry today, calling for the establishment of a sex zone and the counselling industry to become a normal service industry.

(Reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)